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Ari has a great knowledge about cars and perfectly understand your needs.

Worries free with this guy..he will make the deal for you.
— Yonner V., Acura MDX A-Spec

BAC is the way to go when buying or leasing a new vehicle. Ari is a true pro who got us an amazing lease deal. After test driving we told him what we wanted _ model trim color plus what payment we wanted and max deposit. We did not have to talk to a salesman until we went in to sign paperwork and get the car. Ari handled all negotiations. He even found us a special corporate discount to use saving us even more. Ari knows all the ins and outs of deals. He knows if dealerships puff up their interest rate or if they add extra fees. The price he got us was price we paid. No hassle. Trust me. You will never need to haggle with a salesman ever again using Ari. And we will again at end of our lease.
— Todd G., VW Jetta R-Line

I’m a frugal person, and was cautious about whether using Ari’s services would be worth it. They absolutely were. He facilitated a car-buying process that was faster, more efficient and saved me money over what I could have gotten without him on my side. When a dealer-installed add-on turned out to not to have been done at the time of delivery, Ari’s advice helped me leverage the dealer to rectify the mistake in a prompt and proper manner. It made all the difference to have him, his knowledge, and his experience in my corner. Definitely recommend.
— Lisa J., Honda Fit EX

After being in a car accident in a leased vehicle that was totaled I didn’t think there was any way id be able to have enough time or leverage to negotiate a great deal especially when needing the car immediately. Ari at BAC was able to find me a car with not only the exact specifications I was looking for if I were to order the car (which would have taken 6-8 weeks to arrive meaning I wouldn’t have a car for 2 of the worst winter months) but he found a car with even more amenities in it and negotiated the same price deal I would have gotten had I ordered and waited for the car with a lower ticket cost. He took care of all the searching, negotiating, dealer calls and emails and all I had to do was show up to the dealership the day of, sign the paperwork, and drive off in a new car. He even followed up with the dealership when they didn’t send me the registration in time and got it for me to make sure my car was registered and inspected in time. The entire process was so easy and hassle free I could not have imagined doing it on my own!
— Tsoler T., BMW 430i M-Sport

Where do I start?!? Ari is an absolute professional!! I reached out to him within the month that my lease was up from Audi. He immediately must have stopped whatever it was he was doing, because I got a text back within the minute! I went over everything our frowning family needed and he came up with options for my husband and I to check out. Not only was he listening to what we needed, but he was able to lock down a rate that was LOWER than what we budgeted for. Ari worked dilengently with me (and I’m not an easy person to deal with!) but he was able to put me at ease as I was worried if we would be able to have this car in time before returning the other one. He was able to get us the car in a week!! i have not worked with someone so honest, patient and knowledgeable in the car business !! Thank you so much Ari for your kindness, attentiveness and promptness in getting us our new car!!!
— Jbid K., Toyota RAV4 SE

Ari knew EXACTLY how to help me with my search for a new car! Being a new mom, and limited on time, I really needed a quick and easy way to get out of my old lease and into a new one - Ari was that answer! Thanks to him, in one short day, we made it happen! I’m now riding safely in a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and my daughter loves it! Thanks Ari!!
— Natasha T., Jeep Grand Cherokee

We were looking for a new SUV for my fiancé. Her dream SUV is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We thought this was too far of a stretch so we never really considered it. Thankfully we got in touch with Ari and he made her dreams come true. My fiancé is now the owner of a brand new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ari was very professional. Throughout the entire process, Ari’s main concern was our comfort, not only in price but he also made sure we were getting the options we wanted and that we weren’t settling for less. Not only did he do all the stuff I dread doing when buying a new car, he went above and beyond to make sure our time at the dealer was accommodated with drinks and food. Honestly, I won’t go to look for a new car without BAC from now on, it’s just a waste of time. I highly recommend BAC to anyone that’s in the market to lease or finance a new car. My only complaint is that Ari put on a tough act for me to follow. He made my fiancé’s dream come true and now the pressure is on me.

Thank you Ari for everything!!!
— Caitlin & Shant, Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude

Ari made the whole process very easy. I told him what I was looking for and he exceeded my expectations in a very timely and professional manner. I signed the final paperwork and picked up my car a week after the initial contact with Ari. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a new car with the help of someone they can rely on. Will come back to upgrade to a newer vehicle in the future.
— Roman D., Honda Accord Sport SE

Honestly, after reading most of Ari’s reviews, I am not sure what else I can add. The experience was seamless. After having my previous car for 16.5 years, I was not looking forward to the process at all. Ari stepped in, dealt with my preferred dealership, and within hours we had an amazing deal. I could sit back and relax, and now just “enjoy the ride”. I am certainly keeping Ari in my “Contacts”.
— Janice J., Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Ari did all the “heavy lifting”! He dealt directly with Lexus of Watertown, he went back and forth with the salesman and his manager to come to a price that we agreed upon, and only called me to let me know that it was all set and for me to go down and sign the papers. Ari saved me thousands off sticker price and the aggravation of dealing with “the dealer”. Ari knows the numbers and how much each brand can come down off sticker price... Most of the time he just deals directly with the sales manager to get to the bottom line quicker and not waste anyones time. I will definitely be using his services in all future vehicle purchases and will recommend him to anyone looking to buy or lease a vehicle.
— Bernard B., Lexus RX350 F-Sport

He has a 5 -star rating for a reason!!! Ari did a fantastic job! He was honest, informative, great at communication, and got us the best deal! We told him what we wanted (color/features/accessories) and he worked hard to not only find the car of our dreams, but then negotiate an amazing deal. During the process he kept us in the loop and responded to every single text/email/phone call. Everyone is astounded at the deal we got on our new Mercedes-Benz GLC. On the day we signed the paperwork for the car, Ari was on stand-by via phone incase we needed to ask him any questions or had any concerns. His service is worth every penny and I will use him again next time!
— Elly G., Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic

We love the Edge and working with you was a pleasure. This was the best car leasing experience we’ve had. I’ll be happy to recommend you and BAC to my family and friends. Thanks again Ari.
— David R., Ford Edge SEL

He’s a genius when it comes to negotiating! Thank you for taking care of me before on my Accord in 2012, and on my most recent CR-V!
— Sako J., Honda CR-V

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Ari is absolutely amazing at what he does. He has control of the situation at all times and is extremely knowledgable about his craft. I’d never even consider talking to a salesman without Ari by my side ever again. Great work!!
— Steve E., BMW 435i xDrive

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Working with Ari was a dream come true! I never thought that the process of leasing a car could be fun, but Ari proved me wrong. Within 20 minutes of initially reaching out, Ari was already on the phone with me getting a sense of what I was looking for. Ari is super responsive and clearly knows the business inside and out. I was really impressed by the professionalism throughout the experience. Ari is patient and more than willing to walk you through everything he’s doing and manages expectations very clearly. He genuinely wants to get the best deal for his clients and takes care of everything for you, up to literally signing the paperwork. The entire process took less than a week and Ari was able to put me in a higher trim than I had originally planned for. I’m beyond thrilled with the deal and will for sure consult with Ari again.
— Taylor P., Jeep Cherokee Limited

I was given the word that my parents were at the dealership leasing me a brand new car for my birthday , without hesitation I immediately called my mother who was seconds away from signing over the papers and told her to “hold on tight”!. Next , I called Ari Janessian and within minutes he made a few phone calls and worked his magic . Ari Janessian saved my family and I big chunk of cash and we are truly thankful for his serves . We highly recommend anybody to contact Boston Automotive Consulting ( Ari Janessian ) before purchasing a vehicle because he’s company offers service that always favors the customers best interest. He’s a down to earth and very honest man and I am very thankful from his help! I am extremely happy with the deal and my brand new car !
— Avetis C., Honda Accord LX

Ari is the definition of professional. Not only is he a master with numbers, but he’s a modern ninja in negotiating! I will never allow any of my friends to purchase a vehicle without Ari in their corner. I will never dread stepping into another car dealership in my life.. why? Ari’s got my back.
— Leonel L., Toyota Tundra SR5

Ari did a fantastic job, I highly recommend him. My first time working with a consultant on a lease and I am shocked at how much of a discount he worked out.
— Aaron & Nanore S., VW Passat R-Line

Got a new Lexus with Ari’s Help....,he did the hard work and decent research, and the result was impressive..... car shopping and negotiating is not an easy task, he handled it very well, the process was very smooth and easy.. no pressure and no stress... I would definitely recommend BAC for my friends..
— Dr. Hagop K., Lexus RX350 AWD

Where to begin.. where to begin.. Buying a brand new car or any car is not easy to deal with. My experience of shopping around for a new car was taken to a whole new level with BAC!! Ari helped me understand the pro’s & con’s for buying a new car by coaching and putting my mind at ease, his overall deliverance was impressive & exquisite!!! Ari’s knowledge on cars and the works are second to none, and he helped me find the best deal you can get for your buck, and gave me the confidence i needed. I am a proud owner of a 2016 Honda Accord Sport edition all thanks to Ari Janessian at BAC. I recommend BAC for your next dream come true car, and Ari will make that happen!! Thank you BAC!!!!!!!!!!
— Chris H., Honda Accort Sport

He truly does makes it easy to get a new car. It’s nice to have someone on your side when shopping for a new car. Thanks Ari for all your help on getting me a new lease for my Murano. Love my car!!
— Slava's Freedom Fitness, Nissan Murano SL

Ari was fantastic from start to finish in helping me buy my new MINI. He knew everything about the car, the dealership, the way to make a great deal for me, and I was able to enjoy buying a car without having to once step into any of the awful money negotiations. He is amazingly responsive and gave me great recommendations on spec options. He saved me both money and the hassle. On top of all that, he’s a really nice guy who genuinely cares about his customers’ satisfaction and was sincerely excited for me when I got my car. He’s also helping me set up some after-market work I want done on the car. Just a superstar - five star recommendation.
— Thomas C., MINI Countryman ALL4

Ari is a very patient and caring person who is interested in pleasing the client! He helped my husband get a fancy car he never had for an affordable price. He worked day in and day out to make sure that the deal is perfect for us. He is very understanding and attentive. There is no competition for him because Ari is the best! Thank you so much!
— Serge & Violetta G., Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic

Ari is the best at what he does. He made buying a car as simple as literally just choosing what kind of car I want and telling him my budget. He’s earned my business forever. You’re the best Ari!
— Areg A., VW Tiguan S 4Motion

It felt like it was taking forever at first. When I got in touch with Ari things started to get very clear. He is the best at what he does! Everything about the process was smooth and simple after that. See you soon Ari and thanks again... I love my Jetta!!
— Mary K., VW Jetta SE

This guy is something else. I wish I recorded the negotiation process because he is that good! I originally visited a Honda dealership in Boston and got a quote on an Accord LX ready to pull the trigger. After I contacted him, he told me he could get me the Accord for even less! Even the dealer didn’t know that was possible! Thanks again Ari!
— John B., Honda Accord Sport

It seemed impossible at first. No dealership had the car I was looking for. When I got in touch with Ari, it was like a magic trick for him. He had the exact car that I wanted custom built, and I didn’t pay a cent over the invoice price! Sometimes I really do think he still works at BMW.
— George W., BMW 428i M-Sport Package

As a new college grad, i knew i wanted a car that was affordable, yet somewhat luxurious. Ari worked with me to narrow down my choices and negotiated an amazing price on my new VW Tiguan. I will never buy or lease a car without Ari again!
— Taleen L., Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line

With our family growing from 2 to 3, we needed an SUV. Ari went to bat for us and fought for us until we got the deal we wanted! Without Ari, and his expertise, we would still be negotiating on our new GLC. Ari came into the picture and immediately took hold of the situation and closed the deal for us. I will use Ari with every car moving forward! You can’t go wrong with BAC!
— Serge and Lara K., Mercedes-Benz GLC 4Matic

I had leased a Mercedes E350 for my mom and was confident I had gotten a good deal. After a referral from a friend of mine, I decided to give BAC a try when it came time to lease one for myself. I have to admit I was at first skeptical about the added value of a personal auto consultant in the leasing process. I was dead wrong. The consultation with Ari proved to be invaluable and in the end the deal he negotiated for me couldn’t get any better. It was so good, in fact, that I hired Ari for my mom’s pull ahead lease as well. Go with BAC, you can’t go wrong!
— George B., Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic

He helped me get the car that I want for the price that was affordable to me and he followed through with everything until the deal was finalized. I am happy that I made the choice to do business with him and you should too.
— Oshane S., Chevy Malibu LS

So many things to look out for when you are trying to get the best deal. Mr. Ari makes sure that you don’t have to worry when you find a car you like. Just tell him yes and sit back.
— Rachid K., BMW 550i M-Package

Excellent leasing experience with Ari. He was so helpful and upfront with advising me on choosing the perfect car! His expertise and knowledge helped me walk away with a good deal. Ari was able to find a car in my price range that had all the features that I was looking for and close a deal in the same day! I would definitely go back to him for future business.
— Angel T., Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic

When I first got in touch with Ari about my BMW’s lease end process, he reassured me it would be painless. He guided me through the steps to make sure I would be able to get out of my BMW earlier than I intended, and get into a larger car with minimal fees involved. After some talking, he suggested leasing a brand new Lexus, and I couldn’t be happier with his recommendation!
— Shant J., Lexus ES350

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