In the auto sales industry, manufacturers will often give better deals on cars during certain times of the year such as Christmas, Presidents and Independence Day Sales, and other holiday promotions.

The discount one might get on a car may often be in the form of a Loyalty discount as well. Car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, and many others tend to have high retention rates because of how aggressive their loyalty incentives are and how soon they target current customers (for example: a few months before their lease ends)

Another popular rebate/incentive is the first payment. A car brand that tends to do this a lot is Lexus and Volvo. Essentially, depending on how much your payment is, the manufacturer will apply a rebate to the deal in the amount of your monthly payment (up to a cap of usually $500-$700). This popular rebate tends to be combined with many Loyalty rebates which further drives up owner retention rates.

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