It's a tedious, grueling, and tiring job. Fortunately, we're here to help. Boston Automotive Consulting specializes in providing personal car negotiation as part of our car buying service and program. Whether it be a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, or a Honda or Toyota, we are here to help you save thousands off the MSRP of your brand new car.


Picture this, you are alongside a professional car buyer at the car dealership, such as one hired through Boston Automotive Consulting, and you are able to rest assured knowing you are about to get a FANTASTIC deal on your new car, and you've exerted absolutely no effort whatsoever in the car shopping and buying process.

It's a WIN-WIN with BAC. Starting at $195, we can handle pretty much any type of car make and model, and we don't stop until we've produced favorable results for our customers.

Request A Quote, and see how having a personal car negotiator and car concierge such as Boston Automotive Consulting can spare you from the aggravation and stress of car buying and negotiating.

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