who doesn't love a nice Volkswagen

GTI nice sharp maybe if you're into like

6-speed manual crisp those checkered

pattern seats 300 is the common number

right now on Volkswagen GTI is like even

on volkswagen comm it's being advertised

for 300 but you got to put three grand

down most Boston area dealerships are

advertising this car for zero down in

like three or five not including tax in

title and all that stuff it's possible

to get this car for nothing down and 300

a month

it goes month by month so a lot of the

times you'll be you'll get numbers

you'll get quoted numbers on a GTI like

let's say now May but all of a sudden

come June come in like a few weeks that

deal is no longer possible and then all

of a sudden you get a call from the

dealership July 4th weekend saying hey

we can make it happen so it goes in a

varies month by month as far as money

factor on a GTI right now it's high

right now it's out of point zero zero

one for 3mf and it's always subject to

change like it's always shifting it's

always going down it's always going up

mid-year because the residual is lower

it's only it's only expected to keep on

going down if they do release some

rebates then usually what that means is

is the money fact there will fluctuate

along with what sort of rebates there

are available - I do want to say this as

far as negotiating a GTI GT is for the

most part now this is generally speaking

here GTI is for the most part have about

I'd say like a couple grand on the esses

and if you go all the way up to the

autobahn you've got about three grand

from MSRP to invoice to hold back and

then you start deducting whatever

rebates are available - and I'm positive

if you do a Google search you'd be able

to find them the culture in negotiating

GTI is normally the Golf R is out of


but anything Jeet

I've related dealers are down to

negotiate on GTI's because generally

speaking here that's not their

bread-and-butter car they don't care

they'll move them the cars that they

don't really negotiate on our special

editions like the Golf R or let's say

you know unlike a car like the you know

like a beetle that's a special edition

funky funky funky cars they don't

negotiate much on so if you are

considering a Volkswagen and you happen

to go in at the end of the month well

you want to be shooting for on the on

the s is 300 a month with nothing down

and you know cap all the fees cap

everything and see where you get to if

you're negotiating on an SC increase it

by like 25 30 at most 40 bucks in your

offers if you're going on the Autobahn

you should probably you know be shooting

for like the 375 range again noting down

the advertised lease specials are

usually with 3 grand down plus you know

your registration fees so whatever

you're doing shoot for zero down on

these numbers I hope this video helps if

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