I've been working

a Toyota Camry deal down to the lowest

possible amount beyond what the average

consumer can do what I've been doing was

targeting actually this summer on seven

different Toyota dealerships in the

Boston area for a client of mine he's

actually trying to get into a Camry LE

nothing really crazy no special

equipment nothing like that so what he

wants is he wants to buy this car in

cash and not finance and what Toyota

does is they offer a rebate if you're

not financing through Toyota if you're

not taking a promotional APR the reason

behind my targeting seven dealerships

now a lot of people think all you know

don't go to that dealer they're not as

aggressive as that one generally

speaking you're right you know some

dealerships are just generally not as

aggressive as others however even the

aggressive ones will get more aggressive

than one another during certain times of

the year when you know their quarterly

sales aren't high enough they're mid

year sales aren't high enough so you

know they will track and monitor what

the other guy is selling it for that's

the reason behind my going after you

know seven of the most aggressive

dealers so so far in my you know last

couple days of shopping I'm down to

about 17 percent off of sticker price

off of MSRP on the Toyota Camry LE I

really really really wanted to get it

down to 20% however it's not looking

likely just based on what you know the

sleaziest dealer is offering me and

that's 17% that I have now is from a

dealership that charges a ridiculous

documentation fee and they charge about

two hundred and fifty dollars for

nitrogen air in their tires there's only

one dealership that does it so I'm

pretty sure you could kind of figure it

out after a while of you know doing your

own deals long story short I've got 17%

or sorry 17.2% at the most aggressive

dealer the second-most aggressive which

charges a fair documentation fee and no

added other BS fees is 17% all the ones

are sort of trickling down you know 16

15 and a half

fifteen fourteen and a half so really

anywhere between fifteen and twenty

percent off of the MSRP is a fantastic

price if you're not financing now even

if you are financing through Toyota and

you're taking advantage of that

promotional APR getting the price of you

know between 15 and 20% off of MSRP is

like a really really good price if you

get this price then I mean definitely

take it because you know anywhere

between fifteen and seventeen is

tremendous but anything from seventeen

to twenty is literally it's it's

mind-boggling how they can even sell it

for that price because literally we're

talking like a couple thousand under

what they own it for in the Greater

Boston Massachusetts area there's about

25 Triton dealerships it's very easy to

get between fifteen and seventeen if you

make sure you're shopping the most

aggressive dealers go into like a little

Toyota dealership or a Toyota dealership

that only has a couple hundred cars may

not work so what you want to be doing is

you know definitely target the most

aggressive go through their inventory

see if they've got between like 250 and

like 400 cars and hit those dealers

directly as far as leasing this car now

last year when the Camry came out it was

like roughly around the 58 percent

residual which was making for a decent

lease payment like anywhere between 200

and 220 dollars a month on a sign and

drive Toyota Camry lease was awesome but

now because the residual went down we're

talking like low 50s same discounts on

the car but just a higher payment

because the residual got a lot lower

realistically speaking anywhere from

like like 240 to 260 is a good lease

payment it's a I wanted to say this

anybody shopping for a Camry if you can

probably wait until July 4th

you know Labor Day Thanksgiving

Christmas those sales events because the

factory does give cash during these

sales events back to the dealer so you

know if you can wait wait however if you

are getting between 15 and 17 percent

off then you're doing a good job hope

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