today I am

talking about the 2018 Subaru Impreza

and we're talking the base of all

Impreza's the 5-speed manual

this thing's advertised that roughly

around nineteen five for them SRP and

what I want to say right now is

something I never say Subaru advertises

their lease deals at net invoice I'm

talking like twenty five dollars of

profit left to the dealership so some

dealers do it with like three thousand

down some to some sign in drive but if

you boil it all down then impresses

leasing out for about like 200 to 225 a

month depending on what state you're in

and if you got an automatic transmission

they assume like a 10% off MSRP type

deal where you get like two grand off of

sticker and if you're going just

strictly based off of the advertisement

you'll even see it on the bottom it'll

say MSRP at like nineteen five net cap

cost at like seventeen five where you're

getting screwed is probably in the

dealer fee somewhere along the way so

you want to watch out for the bullshit

fees like you know dealer doc being out

like six hundred any prep fees if you

guys are paying nitrogen to be filled up

in your tires I feel sorry for you

refused it you don't have to actually

take this okay

as far as raw discounts it doesn't

matter if you lease or purchase the car

you can get ten percent off if not more

the key is to be as aggressive as

possible don't get what any person

reading the advertisement can get chase

after 12 maybe 13 or 14 there are no

hardened sentence on them present at the

moment except for promotional APR the

idea is to capitalize on that 10 to 12

percent take the promo APR and be done

with it Subaru drivers if you're a part

of I think Subarus Club that's the only

time that you actually get any sort of

incentive recent college grads kind of

get shafted too there is no actual money

being given to

recent college grads however they do

make it a little bit easier for them to

get approved on the loan or the lease

that being said not much to talk about

here except for the fact that Subaru is

actually advertising this thing pretty

correctly just don't put three grand

down don't get screwed on the fees try

not to buy prepaid maintenance because

it's a waste the money on this thing I

hope this video helps if it did help

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