today what i want to

talk about is the Range Rover velar now

I wouldn't say that the Range Rover

velar is selling like hotcakes but the

program on them is actually outstanding

given the fact that it is a premium

product usually Range Rover as they

charge it you know they charge usually

an arm and a leg for the Range Rover

Sport and the regular HSE what they're

doing with the Range Rover valar they

are incentivizing it to move the product

a little bit better a little bit quicker

and given that it's the first year that

it's on sale they don't need to be

discounting them all that much however

they are now I don't know if that's a

very good thing or a bad thing the

residual is pretty high on the car it's

roughly about 58% right now for the P

250 I see on a 10,000 mile year lease

now most of the people that are getting

this car are leasing them so the point

of this video is is gonna be focused

more on leasing it however if you are

buying this car I will tell you you want

to be chasing after maybe like a 5

percent discount anything more than five

percent is a solid deal on a Land Rover

Range or a product the reason being is

that data generally don't mark up Range

Rovers all that much now the thing is

though you want to be looking for a 5%

discount off of MSRP without any rebates

usually if you go online if you type in

you know Land Rover Range Rover velar

rebate incentives etc you will find this

information available to you however it

does change month by month however that

5% discount off of MSRP will usually

tend to be the same now what I wanted to

talk about it's a little bit about how

to decode this Range Rover lease deal

this this evoke are sorry this of the

lar lease deal now what Land Rover has

on their website and I will show you

what they've got going on is five

ninety-nine a month not including your

state's sales tax this one is on Land

Rover's website and it'll say you know

4495 cash do it signing and then you

open it up to see the disclaimer and you

know it'll tell you this is $3,000 a

ssin fee and first month's payment not

including the title and registration

fees in that 4495 total do it start uh

here's where it gets kind of tricky now

Land Rover Land Rover doesn't try to put

anything funny in their lease deals they

really don't however the dealer does

I've got a local dealer that's

advertising the same Range Rover velar

on the same payment with zero down

however this is where it gets kind of

funny because Land Rover um you can get

five thousand miles a year what they did

was they took the national advertisement

$5.99 a month plus tax and etc they

switched it from $5.99 with 5000 ish

down to zero down but instead of ten

thousand miles a year they'll do it for

five thousand now a lot of dealers do

this they'll they'll tweak because

they're technically not allowed to

advertise it for less than Land Rover

however they can tweak the terms see

most of these deals are designed to be

full sticker deals when they adjust the

mileage they're technically not

discounting the car they're adjusting

the residual so when they just the

residual the residual goes up and the

amount of money needed to get to $5.99

goes down so that's not doing anything

wrong however that is being a little bit

deceptive because really who drives

5,000 miles a year for the most part

anyways so Land Rover Range Rover is

incentivizing this car this month it's

in it's a very wide spectrum of

incentives because there's so many

different trim levels however I will

tell you this for any lease customer

what you want to look out for is at

least a thousand

dollars to $2,000 in conquest rebates

from month-to-month if you own a

competitive brand you'll you'll qualify

for something like this usually they'll

offer some cash from the factory to land

over dealerships you know ballpark it

shoot it for $2,000 so look for 5% off

of sticker and then add in about three

maybe four thousand dollars in rebates

add that all up as in take five percent

off of MSRP that you're working on - out

about four thousand dollars and use that

selling price in your calculators to

figure out what your payment should be

if this was me and I was comparing the

$5.99 with five thousand down at ten

thousand miles a year and comparing that

to $5.99 a month with zero down at five

thousand miles a year I would probably

be chasing after $5.99 with zero down

however at ten thousand miles a year and

that is just you know my rule of thumb

generally speaking do it with whatever

they're advertising the car for but with

zero down and obviously no stupid

restrictions like 5,000 miles a year or

something crazy like that as far as the

culture and negotiating now most of

these dealers will try to play that

exclusivity card this is a hot product

yada-yada-yada walk out the you can't

play this game for two to long if that

dealer is really serious about selling

that product but he wants to play that

exclusive cart give them time to settle

down leave the dealership and have them

call you back as far as getting a really

really hot deal on this thing if you can

wait until the end of the month when the

sales really start to ramp up a good

time to do these are usually during

larger sales events I hope you like this

video guys if it helped please give it a

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much guys

catch you soon

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