there is not one bad looking Mercedes

e-class and so it's time to get a little

serious because this is a serious car

when I tell you that this is my favorite

car to negotiate deals on it is

absolutely a pure joy the reason why I

love to negotiate Mercedes e-class is

because there are so many moving parts

to a Mercedes deal so many aggressive

dealers that are selling the e-class

Mercedes are known for having the most

clever lease specials that are

advertised some of the dealers use 7500

miles a year and you know they have a

high cap cost reduction also the time

they're on brand-new cars however the

most deceptive of dealers will use

loaner car stock numbers as the cars

that they're running specials on what

you want to be targeting is not a

dealer's specific special because if it

seems very very low chances are then

that special was being run on a demo car

or a loaner car you want to be targeting

Mercedes Benz USA's special and going

from there the special even has it

listed how much dealer contribution is

required to get to that payment now a

dealer in general for a Mercedes Benz

has about 10% markup from MSRP to

invoice price that's just raw markup

from MSRP down to invoice and you've got

to understand that there are some

incentives or current Mercedes owners

there are incentives for those that are

a part of large corporations or members

of pet fed USAA United they give out

tons of incentives for every single

person I wanted to talk about how you

should approach a Mercedes dealer when

negotiating a Benz deal now most of the

time when I'm looking at a Mercedes deal

the payment itself looks great when

you're targeting an eClass for 589 a

month like this month you

being advertised for on the e300 4matic

it's usually about 10% cap cost down to

get to that 589 a month plus tax and

fees you want to chase after just the

taxes and fees to get to that 589 even

if it seems impossible even if the

dealer is looking at you like you've got

ten heads the reason why I usually dish

out 10% for leasing is because there's

specific lease incentives that Mercedes

offers to the dealers if you were to

finance this car buy this car in cash

you should be chasing after a little bit

more than just 10% maybe 12 percent off

would be a good I should say a fantastic

deal on the e-class

if you were to chase after 12% off of

this car make sure it's a brand new car

and not a loaner generally loaner cars

have incentives from the factory being

given also the dealers are willing to

lose a little bit more money on the car

when you're buying a loaner

when you're buying a loaner car expect

15% has a minimum discount to take on

the e-class the culture of Mercedes

dealerships is one that you know it the

the salespeople have a lot of pride

because the car that they're selling is

of a very high respect a clientele that

really does enjoy the brand so generally

the salespeople enjoy selling the car

they are expensive purchases what I

wanted to recommend was getting prepaid

maintenance included in any form of deal

that you're making on the Mercedes

because the maintenance that Mercedes

offers is residual eyes on Elise so when

you residual eyes maintenance you

actually pay a little bit less money

when you prepay for maintenance at the

beginning of the lease rather than you

know as you go as far as money factor on

the Mercedes right right now June

they're charging I believe a point zero

zero 101 and sometimes it's a lot lower

but the reason why they're doing this is

because of mid-year inventory and

they're really there they don't have any

2019 so they can sort of afford to keep

the 2018 S on the ground and capitalize

a little bit more

since last month Mercedes sales were

down about 2% towards the end of the

year you'll see all these rates start to

drop and more incentives start to come

out so I do want to say this yes they do

make aggressive offers mid-year however

mercedes-benz is a brand that you wait

until at the very minimum november or

december to get the absolute lowest

possible numbers on and this is a

statistic my most aggressive deal any

other month to my most aggressive deal

in December

generally December is the month to buy a

Mercedes so if you can hold out if not

then give them hell until you get

somewhere you feel comfortable enough to

pull the trigger thank you so much for

watching guys I hope this video helped

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