Mercedes-Benz dealers are notorious for going against

and pitting themselves up one another on

their deals that they give out on the

CLA depending how long the cars been

sitting and if it's a loaner you can get

an outrageous deal on a CLA if you know

which dealership to check use CarGurus

etc see how many days the cars been

sitting or just straight up calling and

asking is this car a loaner

basically the CLA lease deals especially

if you're in New England if you're out

west it's not going to be the same thing

as what I'm talking about right now so

factor in the car that you're looking at

it's probably a couple grand less

because it's not 4matic

so real quick just breaking down the CLA

lease CLA lease for a 4matic is 329 on a

35 K car and that's with three thousand

total do it start going in on a CLA you

want to target zero down and try to get

as close to that 300 or 350 mark as

possible but keep in mind the ad that

car is on a thirty five thousand dollar

car if you're going in on a $45,000 CLA

you really want to be targeting high

threes low fours with zero down keep in

mind on a CLA there's a ton of rebates

especially you want to check with your

company to see if you have some sort of

affiliation with Mercedes that way you

can actually get a couple more grand off

because right now the CLA s corporate

fleet is high and it's usually high but

some once it's more than others you

could probably get about a G to 1500

bucks off hopefully you can use the

resources out there like the residuals

money factors etc you could probably

find them online if you don't even need

those and you are focused on a specific

number and you target it you will get it

you don't need a calculator you don't

need to be an expert so hopefully this

video helps you get there if you like it

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