the new Jeep Wrangler

Jael and it is the closest thing that

you will get to the G Wagen for under 40

K the new Jeep is considered to be

Chrysler's hottest product on the market

and they've got every right it and it

will forever be jeeps hottest product

and that's just my opinion when it comes

to negotiating this thing it sucks like

it is a real nightmare to negotiate a

Jeep Wrangler and try to get an awesome

deal on it especially now now that it's

again redesigned totally hot everybody

wants it yada yada yada bullshit

if you can't get a good deal on one of

these let me tell you why let me tell

you exactly how Jeep works now you step

into the Jeep dealership and they've got

it in their heads that this is a hot

product we should have no problem

selling this thing for sticker they're

convincing themselves this most Jeep

dealers they tell themselves this as if

they're the only Jeep dealer in your

state when you tell them okay you won't

do it for a certain amount off as it a

reasonable number off right let's say I

don't know 10% is like the target on the

new Jeep and they're only giving you

like a few hundred bucks max a thousand

what you do is take out your phone

search Jeep dealers near me and show him

or her the closest dealership to you

that's not them and see if they'll do a

little bit better if they don't then you

get up and go because overpaying for

this thing is not worth it now when it

comes to leasing this car here's where

it gets a little bit tricky and I know

that some of you are gonna comment let

me explain every aspect

before you say some things are

negotiable and some things aren't

discounts off of MSRP are absolutely

negotiable the bullshit fees that they

charge you doc fee cetera et cetera

those things are absolutely negotiable

what is not negotiable through Chrysler

capital is one the residual on the car

and number two is the money factor

residual on the cars very high

especially some models like the sport

we're talking upward 70% residual for

three years

not two on the unlimited and like let's

say the the most usual one the unlimited

Sahara is a 67% residual for a three

year for a three year lease that's huge

but what does this all mean yeah without

the money factories and if you don't

tack on interest and you're using a

simple lease calculator trying to figure

out how much depreciation that you're

gonna hang for it's nothing it's not

much at all they know this they're

capitalizing on this so they're charging

you interest on top of that depreciation

so that they can get money back from it

the way that it works is is right now on

the Jeep Wrangler jail they're charging

about is usually a point zero zero two

money factor if they're charging

anything more than a point zero zero two

they're overcharging you as and they're

marking up your money factor now aside

from that they can't alter the residual

the residual is what it is but if you're

gonna be doing let's say 10,000 miles

ear as opposed to 15 then that means as

the residual goes up and that is the

only time a Kangol Jeep is offering a

lease deal a national lease deal on the

base base Jael Wrangler for 279 a month

plus tax and then 3,000 down plus the

normal fees it comes out to roughly

about 4500 bucks if you were to

negotiate let's say two grand off that's

still about three grand total do it

start to get to that 280 plus tax on the

base and you better hope it's an

automatic transmission because you're

going to be driving a base six feet if

you were to go up

let's say 10,000 more dollars on a more

expensive obviously jl more than likely

you're going to want a sahara for the

most common one if not it's going to be

probably an even more expensive one then

we're talking close to 500 bucks with a

couple grain down and that 500 bucks a

month is actually an outstanding deal on

a more loaded wrangler at this very

moment in time if you wait a little bit

let's say give it six months to a year i

could see some changes being made in the

money fact there's some changes being

made with how much discount the jeep

dealers are offering but what you want

to be targeting rate right now at this

very moment in time is from MSRP to

invoice and you know i'm not saying

you'll be lucky if you get more than

that but you would be you would be

getting more discount than the typical

jeep wrangler customer at this very

moment in time i hope this video helps

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