I'mactually gonna be talking about the

latest product from Jaguar the e pace

SUV and this thing is super super

expensive right now maybe this video

might not be relevant in about six

months to a year I hope that's the case

however most of the stuff that I'm gonna

be covering today should stay relevant

because we're gonna be talking about

MSRP to invoice and how much markup

there is how much discount you should

expect things like rebates and all that

fun stuff and the e pace is unique in

size and character in that it resembles

the F pace a lot however because it's

still so new and actually after running

a search today to see what the

availability is like on this car at the

very moment we're actually we're in a

May almost

June and right now if you were to search

and let me show you sort of my

parameters there's hardly any cars out

there like check this up 843 cars are

out there in the whole United States all

right the Jaguar dealerships know that

this is a very exclusive car like

somebody looking at this car is buying

it for the mere fact that it is so you

know quote-unquote hot and like the

latest product what is the typical

markup in one of these what are we

really talking about here

anything Land Rover Jaguar related

because of the cost of production in

with you know obviously proportional to

other brands the cost of producing a

Land Rover Jaguar product is typically a

little bit higher than producing like

let's say like a Mercedes or BMW

so naturally the markup in these cars is

a tad bit less then you were to find in

you know a Mercedes or a BMW because the

product costs a little bit more to make

now that being said that's that doesn't

that you should be paying full sticker

for one of these typical markup in

Jaguar is about 5% and there's usually

like rebates involved with most of the

brands and I'm talking big rebates like

most of the X YZ the XF and the f pace

f-type even they have a lot of cash

being given from factory to dealer

specifically on the on the e pace right

now there's only one rebate and that's

if you have a competitive brand car

that's the conquest rebate it's $1,000

that can be used basically if you show

your registration for a competitive

brand car and they'll knock off $1,000

for you but that's really all that

you'll see at the maximum is usually

usually between like a four to six

percent discount from MSRP and if you

have that competitive brand car you can

probably squeeze out another thousand

dollars you know using that rebate for

conquest aside from that right now we're

dealing with a really really low

residual we're talking we're talking low

50s on the e pace which you know if you

combine that with a low enough money

factor which they are combined which

they are charging on vehicles like the e

pace where it's so new so exclusive

they're actually charging minimal

because they know no one is gonna lease

this thing if they charge a high money

factor on it like a fifty three thousand

dollar a pace the very last one that I

worked at least is coming out to roughly

like six hundred and fifty 670

EV pace would probably come out to

roughly about the same or even less so I

mean if you're watching this at this

very moment in time and it's close to

when this video was shot I mean I wish

you the best if you can negotiate

further than 5% off of MSRP that's


like if you want to look at something

that's in stock usually dealers will be

willing to cut a better deal on

something that's in stock rather than

you know swapping from another

dealership if you're looking at

something that's not at the dealership

and they're gonna bring it in for you

expect that they're not going to want to

discount at all but at the same time you

should be in the $600 range and if

you're more than that on like let's say

a typical price tag of like 50 to 55

then that means that you may be being

marked up somewhere besides the actual

price of the car maybe you want to

double check cross check the money

factor cross check there's no other fees

involved besides your typical dealer

fees I hope this video helps if you

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thank you so much for watching guys I

know that these videos are very

particular to certain cars and when you

do find the car that you were actually

shopping for and this video helps that's

the main goal of these videos and I

appreciate you watching thanks we'll see

you next time

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