so this thing right here the new bmw x3

this is what I wanted to talk about so a

lot of people love this car if you got

this car for less than 500 bucks that

you got a fantastic deal like no

question about it

my hat's off to you however most of

whatever I'm seeing out there is not

even close to the price tag that they're

using for the advertised car and the

advertised car they're using is a 45 K

car and they're advertising it for 479 a

month with 4,500 down that's a really

crappy deal well you want to be

targeting is nothing down and hoping for

under 500 bucks a month including your

state's tax however most of the cars in

stock are not even close to this price

now the x3 is no different than an x4

and x5 they all have the same markup now

BMWs known for having about a six and a

half to seven percent markup that the

dealer will agree to however there's

some cash in the back end of what I'm

talking about right now in most of the

time as a professional I'll usually

target about 10% off the sticker price

before deducting any rebates BMW is

notorious for having a loyalty incentive

and furthermore they're very good with

corporate incentives like if you're a

part of a big company or - if I don't

know if you're a military veteran that's

a part of the USA or you just recently

graduated from college you know they

like to give cash out now aside from

that specifically on the x3 right now at

this very moment in time they have a

rebate where if you're leasing or you

own a competitive brand car they will

actually give you $1,000 rebate against

tax three take into account that even if

they don't have your car in stock

because of the X threes are built in the

United States it's usually about a three

to five week turnaround time so I

wouldn't be too too upset if the car

that you're trying to lease out is too

expensive I would build the car and use

that MSRP

as the price of the car that you're

trying to negotiate and don't settle for

something in stock if they're offering

you a fantastic deal on a car that's in

stock take it don't order in the car but

if you're talking like okay the car that

you want is 48 K and the car that's

offering you is like 53 and you guys are

like 40 50 bucks apart I still wouldn't

take it

I would probably build a car even if it

means a tiny bit less discount to get

you closer to the payment that you're

trying to get to BMW x3 I should say

right now have the least amount of

discount coming from the factory the x1

x2 and x4 s have rebates between two and

three thousand dollars right now the x5

is low as well however their loyalty

credit is high I would really be chasing

after something where you know it's sort

of like an end of the month deal to

factor that the dealer doesn't really

have much to work with except for

meeting his goal for the end of the

month and that's usually done you know

closer to the end of the month where he

actually knows whether or not if he's

gonna meet it or you know he's depending

on every last deal to get to it I hope

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