today I'm

gonna be talking about da da for and

this is a car that I work three times as

much more than the BMW 3-series the

reason why I do more

8:4 deals than I do 3-series deals is

because this is a really nice car is it

$500 nice I wouldn't say so but is it

the advertised 399 nice definitely and

that's what brings you to the dealership

is that 399 payment that they advertise

on the a4 premium however you're

probably not looking for an a4 premium

and if you are then good but you're

still not gonna get it for 400 bucks

the a4 for the month of June is being

advertised for 399 a month not including

text and you got to put down 2 grand

plus your registration acquisition fee

first payment your dog plates and

inspection sticker after all is said and

done you're probably at the 425 450 mark

if you're on the a4 Premium Plus expect

that you're gonna get a payment back

from the managers desk and your

salesperson is gonna hand you a sheet of

paper at the very beginning saying

somewhere in the 600 dollar range

if not 600 then mid fives the goal is to

try to get this thing for at the very

minimum under $500 if you can now the

reason why these a fours are leasing for

so much higher than they used to they've

got to stay consistent with c-class


and Lexus is now these cars are

generally a higher residual than the

3-series this is 3 3 3 syriza's

I still don't know it so Aldi likes to

capitalize on the residual of the a4 by

charging you you know more interest to

make up for it now once they do this

this usually boosts your payment up


of that $500 mark you want to keep it at

roughly 500 bucks on the premium plus if

you can if the car is stuffed expect to

be up in like the 550 range but if you

can get somewhere in the fours low fours

for the premium high fours for the

premium Plus then you're getting a good

deal if you're a cash customer or a

finance customer anywhere between 8 and

10% off of an Audi is an awesome deal if

you're currently in an Audi you want to

chase for another thousand dollars at

the minimum if you're currently in a BMW

Lexus or Mercedes Chase for that

thousand again because that's what's

known to the dealer as conquest cash and

you want to be targeting another

thousand bucks off here is where that's

interesting Aldi as a corporation as in

the factory loves to give cash back to

its dealers for cars that have been

sitting for longer than 90 days let's


od likes to give cash back to its

dealers for cars that have been sitting

for at least 90 days you want to target

cars on CarGurus that have been sitting

for longer than 90 days because you're

probably going to get a better discount

on these cars these cars are on a list

for the sales managers of cars that

their sales people have got to push and

they've got to get them out of the

dealership target those cars see if

maybe they've got some loners or

something like that push this payment

closer to 400 bucks with zero out of

pocket except for your title and

registration fees and maybe your first

payment max 2000 total do it start I

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