today I wanted to talk

about the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta the 2019

Volkswagen Jetta is being advertised for

149 a month not including your state

sales tax with 3000 down not including

registration fees your typical

Volkswagen dealership probably doesn't

advertise this car with 3000 down they

typically advertise the Volkswagen Jetta

with zero down however they like to use

two very common rebates when advertising

this car now one of them is recent

college grad basically if you graduated

from college the last two years or

you're going to be graduating in the

next six months they give you an extra

$500 this rebate is typically always in

every single Volkswagen deal the other

rebate that they always like to

advertise is the partner program oh you

see it and you immediately think to

yourself I wouldn't qualify for this the

partner program is designed so that if

you work for a corporation that's on you

know a pretty large list through

Volkswagen they give you basically they

give you five hundred dollars off of the

purchase or lease of a new Volkswagen

definitely log on to Google you know

type in Volkswagen partner program list

see if your company's on there and

capitalize on that five hundred because

it's free money if you know if your

company's on the list as far as getting

a good deal on this car now because the

the dealers like to use these two

rebates that amounts to about a thousand

dollars when doing a lease so you want

to add that thousand back into the

advertised payment of about 150 a month

that brings it to 180 without your state

sales tax all in all if I were to do

some rough math right right now this car

is probably being advertised for 200 a

month with zero down now some would

argue that that zero down doesn't

include your first payment doesn't

include acquisition fee etc however

targeting this number of 200 a month

with zero down would probably be a

fantastic starting and ending point so

if you can get anywhere in that ballpark

at this very moment in time you're

getting a very good deal on a jet

automatic transmission going up to the

different trims I don't know if you want

to target maybe like $20 increments more

to 20 on the SE I don't know 250 or 260

on the SEL sort of feel it out from

there as far as the cash buyer the best

possible out the door price on the Jetta

you want to be targeting about 10 to 13

percent off off of the Jetta so if you

were to be targeting like a $20,000

Jetta getting in the ballpark of about

2500 dollars off of MSRP without the use

of any of these rebates would be a

really really good deal if you can get

2500 off in this very moment in time

where there are no rebates you're

getting a pretty good deal if you do

qualify for those rebates make sure that

you're getting obviously more than 2500

however make sure that you're getting

the lowest possible interest rate

because right right now Volkswagen is

capitalizing on the redesigned Jetta and

charging a very high interest rate for

it lease money factors are really high

they're in like the double zero 100's

and a PR is they're sitting at about 4%

so if you're leasing this car you really

have no way around

Volkswagen credits money factor however

if you're financing this car definitely

walk in with your own rates through

maybe your own bank or a credit union

before you do it sign a deal on this car

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