I'm not gonna lie I'm diggin the looks

on this brand-new Volvo XC 40 like it is

a really sharp small SUV and they they

did a good job it's re from Boston

automotive consulting and today I wanted

to talk a little bit about this this new

XC 40 2019 model that just came out sort

of Volvo's entry-level SUV that really

does hit the spot for anybody that's

looking for a good competitor to what

BMW and Mercedes has to offer and in my

personal opinion blows away the x1 and

the GLA don't help me this is just my

opinion local dealers are advertising

this car for roughly about 325 350

with about 3500 total do it start now as

far as putting 3,500 total do it site so

let me tell you exactly what I think

when I hear 3,500 total do it start you

got a hold a gun to my head for me to

put $3500 total do it start and then

tack on fees if you were to tell me

2,000 is all I'd say maybe maybe but

3500 is pushing it what you want to be

targeting is out the door

2000 total do it start which would cover

all your fees and your first payment

registration etc to get to this 350

number if you can get to 350 on the new

XC 40 you're getting a pretty good deal

chances are though that they're gonna

put you through hell by the time you get

there so you gotta go in hard on that

number cuz this car so new because

they're gonna play that card of you know

it's a hot product it's hard to get and

you know people are lining out the door

to get it it may take a little while it

really made however overpaying on this

thing it's it's a tough call it's a

tough call it is nice chances are if you

really really do like it you might beat

yourself up if a couple months down the

road they start to offer

better deals on this thing so either

wait it out or really really give him

he'll Volvo on deck see 40 from the

factory has about seven percent markup

in them as far as the culture in

negotiating Volvo's Volvo has what's

known as and very very ass-backwards way

of negotiating their cars Volvo

generally over the years has taken hit

after hit

as far as discounting their cars to move

them they've always had this problem

up until this redesigned xc90 that came

out a few years back as soon as the

design started to change and their

clientele really really started to like

appreciate what they're doing with the

brand they were having a tough time

selling so I think some of the sales

people are still stuck in this logic

that you know we've got a discount we

got to beat our competitors and they

offer a ton of incentives and for a

model like this they really really don't

need to when it just got a fresh

redesign however they're probably going

to we're seeing it with s90 we're seeing

with xc90

we're gonna start seeing it sewn on the

xc60 however we are we may take a while

until we see it on the XC 40 knowing

that we've got quite a few Volvo

dealerships in Boston these guys get

really really competitive with each

other they know their typical wallach

clientele is a sharp and smart clientele

so I generally you know they do their

shopping on the internet before they

come in so definitely do your thing

definitely get multiple quotes

definitely look out for a car a sticker

price that's close to what you actually

need not you know it's the right color

but it's three or four thousand dollars

more car because that will obviously

translate into a higher payment than

what's necessary if you need to order

this car try to stay away from it

because right now what we've seen is a

backlog cars that are getting delayed

from the factory so definitely try to

get something that's in stock Volvo

dealers are notorious for trading their

cars so definitely build out your car

Volvo's website take the build sheet

with you hand it to your dealer and say

what can you do for me so I hope this

video helps if it did help give it a

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thank you so much for watching guys

we'll see you next time

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