this pickup is getting very very

confusing there's like the Express the

tradesmen the Laramie the Bighorn the

rebel the limited the Longhorn the the

sharp horn there's all sorts of horns on

the brand-new 2019 Dodge Ram if you're

trying to lease this thing

chances are customer X and customer Y

will be leasing from different companies

depending on which trim how much money

down what term what their credit score

is like Chrysler generally uses about

like 10 different banks Ally Bank US

bank harbor but there's so many banks

that will lease out Chrysler's now right

now Dodge and Ram dealerships rely on

these banks to help their customers

lease out this this pickup for a decent

price instead of using Chrysler capital

lease cash there's about a thousand

bucks anybody in your household is

leasing something right now there's a

thousand bucks if your credit score is

bad subprime they give you 1250 if

you're currently driving a ram or a

Dodge you also get some cash from the

factory all these advertisements I've

been seeing have been roughly around the

$500 mark with zero down when you're

seeing these zero down lease specials

they usually don't have tax title

acquisition fee first payment all that

stuff and that usually amounts to about

$2,000 so keep that in mind two grand

down will get you to that five hundred

dollar mark on you know your typical

Laramie or a long horn in terms of

discounts whether you're leasing the car

or buying the car ten percent off off of

a ram is like like you've got to start

at ten percent if the pickup costs about

fifty K then chase after five then start

tallying up all these rebates what you

want to do is go through your local

dealers advertisements and you don't

just pick one go through all of them

we'll give you bits and pieces of

information what rebates are available

how much discount they'll give you try

to figure out which rebates you actually

qualify for not a lot of dealers will

tell you what rebates they're using in

like a humongous discount like you'll

see like ten thousand dollars off

however that'll include rebates that not

even the most qualified person will

qualify for you gotta be careful you got

to be cognizant about which rebates you

actually qualify for you usually usually

though 7k is like target for discount

off of a 50k rent on a 50k truck you're

not gonna get anywhere below 400 bucks

even with cash down and generally

speaking here at putting more than 10%

down on a lease is a no-no don't

definitely don't do that keep it at

about two thousand twenty five hundred

dollars total do it start to get to five

hundred a month as far as interest rates

they're you know they're not trying to

go crazy and then I've charge you five

percent interest however what you want

to do is you want to benefit from the

best of both worlds as in you don't take

advantage of all the rebates that are

there and try to finance through you

know your local credit union your bank

come in to the dealership with an offer

if your credit is not so great

then definitely take advantage of the

subprime cash that's available to those

who have not so great credit however

take in your interest rate with you from

your credit union and try to see if you

know maybe that finance manager is

marking up a lower rate to take

advantage of the fact that your credit

rate isn't that great definitely do this

before you walk in there don't get

yourself into a situation where you

might have to get an option contract no

your rate beforehand so that they can

complete your paperwork at the

dealership instead of you having a you

know shuffle back and forth definitely

shop this deal around take your best

price that you got from one dealership

bring it to the other because Ram

dealerships generally love to compete

with others no matter how new this truck

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