you sound like you're from London hey

guys are here from Boston automotive

consulting and today we're gonna be

discussing some Mini Cooper S two-door

hardtop deals whoo what I've got a

printed out right now is a zero down

leaf special on the two-door Mini Cooper

S that's actually it's doesn't look all

that bad until you start noticing some

things this thing is being advertised

job that's it for 280 a month zero down

plus your fees and your first payment

interestingly enough 5,000 miles a year

since when did mini start offering 5,000

miles anyway long story short many

nationally is actually offering this

thing for 289 plus your state sales tax

3,000 down plus your fees and all that

stuff there's some least cash involved

so basically what I did was I decoded

all this so if we're talking roughly

about a 64 65 percent residual for that

10,000 miles a year we're assuming you

know we get all the money which is about

6% off off of a mini from MSRP to

invoice six percent we plug that all

into the calculator on a thirty thousand

two hundred and fifty dollar car we're

actually not too far off we're at 329

including my state sales tax if we're

gonna be incorporating that 750 dollar

rebate from Mini not too bad if you

could find a car that would work in that

thirty thousand dollar range

getting anywhere between $2.99 and about

340 a month on a cooper s two-door is

not a bad deal at all now as far as

discounts off MSRP you gotta live in

like a really metropolitan area

somewhere that

you know they're moving Minnie's left

and right to be kind of given the

runaround that you know they're selling

like hotcakes because they are they

they're generally a popular product if

you live sort of in the outskirts where

you know minis aren't as popular but

there's a BMW dealership there that

happens to sell minis you're in for a


go to that dealership because those

dealerships will generally cut better

deals as far as finding the mini you

like I know I say this a lot because it

happens a lot but many dealerships do

trade with one another commonly like

they really really do like I worked the

deal once in Boston and the person found

a car by himself out in Colorado

suggested the car I actually got my

dealer to trade for this car from

Colorado with a discount you know try it

see what's out there

search all miles if your dealer is

willing to do that then you know good

stuff like I said 6% off MSRP definitely

good there's always rebates the deal

that I'm talking about right now is on a


so we're current 2018 s they're not

leasing as as aggressively as we would

hope because we're a little bit late in

the game so definitely if you can try to

target this 300 ish number on whatever

you do because it's more than possible

if it isn't then that means you're

working on a more expensive Mini Cooper

I hope this video helps if it did help

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guys we'll see you next time

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