I wanna try and decode for you what is

going on exactly all the advertisements

you might be seeing on this new Jeep


it's not even flirting it's not even

trying to tell you hey you know it might

take a few months before you get a

really really good deal on the freshly

redesigned Jeep Cherokee hey guys

Ari here from Boston automotive

consulting Jeep for the last couple

months has not held back at all from

advertising very very high discounts on

the Jeep Cherokee a lot of the discounts

are actually coming from the factory and

their discounts their rebates coming

from Chrysler Capital there are

discounts if you know you buy the car

instead of Lisa car there's all sorts of

money being thrown to get as many Jeep

Cherokees as they can on the road now if

I were to put my finger on it what I

would assume Jeep is doing is trying to

get as many Jeep Cherokees as they can

on the road yes at the same time because

it is an attractive car they're probably

trying to get as much demand as they can

for this car so that they can eventually

reduce the amount of rebates that are

available for it as far as deals go on

this thing I'm seeing advertisements for

like 20 percent off of a window sticker

which is unusual for a newly redesigned

car 20 percent I saw one for like

seventy five hundred dollars off the

sticker they're all legitimate like all

these rebates that you might be seeing

most of them anybody would qualify for

and just going through this dealers

advertisers right now thirty thousand

dollar car there's three thousand coming

from Chrysler just you don't have to do

anything just buy the car

three thousand coming from Chrysler

directly like seven hundred and fifty

dollars for this upcoming July fourth

holiday sales weekend basically which

I'm guessing is probably gonna linger

until you know Christmas then there's

some discounts if your credit score is

below a 620 which is really cool because

what they're doing is is offsetting the

interest that you're probably going to

be paying on a higher interest loan by

giving you 1,500 bucks really good stuff

guys definitely helpful for those that

wouldn't qualify for top tier credit so

discounts off of MSRP you could get a

couple grand off just from MSRP to

invoice on a latitude plus now that's in

addition to all these rebates that you

might be seeing you know listed on a

typical advertisement such as the one

that I'm holding up stack them up chase

after about six thousand seven thousand

dollars off the sticker and you will

land somewhere in the 5502 6593 third

party bank some of the more popular

banks such as Ally US bank or you might

be paired with a third party credit

union you might want to be a little bit

careful of try to get paired with you

know Chrysler capital or Ally because

they're a little bit more lenient in the

Lisa and process this car is being

advertised for about 2:30 a month with

zero down however it does incorporate a

couple of the rebates that you may not

qualify for such as the non-prime

620 or less credit score rebate if I

were to Ballpark this latitude plus at

about $30,000 then my goal as your

typical consumer would probably be about

two hundred and fifty a month I want to

sign & Drive leases as in a zero down

just you know maybe your first payment

and your registration fees do it start

if you were to go after a limited let's

say maybe a thirty five thousand dollar

price tag I'd probably chase after you

payment of about 325 to 350 definitely

attainable for about 1% of MSRP if you

were to follow my aje estimation 5% down

will get you to about 1% of MSRP on this

car now as far as availability goes

they're definitely pumping these things

out as quickly as they can you might be

noticing more whites blacks and grays in

stock if you can get a car that's in

stock definitely go for it jump on it if

it's in stock if they're telling you

they might be able to get you a car from

a different dealership trap try to go to

that dealership that has the car because

dealerships that have a car in stock

they're gonna discount the car far

greater than something that they may

need to actually bring in from a

different dealership so hope this video

helps guys if it did help give it a nice

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