so I almost got into some trouble today

and Acura you're not being accurate

coincidentally so this client of mine

saw an advertisement on an Acura TLX a

2019 model and he saw it for 235 a month

obviously not including tax um didn't

read the fine print and flipped out when

I told them this car is going for about

400 bucks a month me obviously doing

what I do best

assumed what the typical customer

actually wanted and didn't go by this ad

the ad car that they're using doesn't

specify which trim it is except for a

stock number you plug in the stock

number and it brings you to this car

which is like straight up a

four-cylinder front-wheel drive Acura

TLX which is not what he was looking for

so my response was this so send me the

actual car that you want and it turned

out to be an all-wheel drive v6 instead

of a 30 $3,900 car was a thirty nine

thousand one hundred and ninety five

dollar car such as the one that I just

showed you

he tell you a little bit about discounts

on Acura so Acura has about seven

percent from MSRP the sticker price down

to their invoice price now don't take

that as me trying to tell you that's all

you should get as far as discount would

that would be absolutely ridiculous and

irresponsible of me to tell you this so

Acura has a bunch of cash that comes

from the factory which makes it a lot

easier to lease out this car plug-in the

lease cash into the calculator which

right now is about thirty four fifty

plug in the residual right now it's at

fifty six percent it's typically about

this accurate doesn't go crazy as far as

the money factor it charges typically

whatever the promo rate is for that

month which is 2.9 percent on the TLX

for this month so it's a double zero one

two four money factor you plug in about

a seven percent discount you plug in the

rebates you capitalize all the fees and


I'm at 430 a month precisely what I had

given him as a rough estimate this

morning accurate T Alexis since I was

just quoting you on the bass it's very

easy for them to advertise this car at

like $2.99 because of what they like to

do is you put down three grand and you

put down that three grand on top of the

deal that I just doctored up and that

already brings you to 3:30 take out tax

and you're at 299 right if they want it

to be really really dirty they switch it

from 12,000 mile zero 10,000 mile zero

down to 7500 and use a cheaper car if we

go apples to apples a comparable let's

say a spec would probably be going for

about 500 bucks a month if not a tiny

bit more but they're probably advertise

it for about like 400 a month so you got

to be careful when you're reading these

ads definitely check stock numbers at

the very bottom

definitely check to see how much miles

per year and how much total cash do it

start when they say 3,000 down it

usually means like 3,000 plus fees if

it's saying zero down it probably means

the fees so I hope this video helps if

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thank you so much for watching guys

we'll see you next time

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