what's happening in good morning it's

about 7:00 a.m. I just got to the BAC

office and I got to work this Volkswagen

Tiguan deal for actually for a really

good friend of mine so you know I'm

trying to hit it pretty hard

first of all if anybody from Volkswagen

credit is seeing this video guys there's

no sense in a double zero to money

factor it like you you guys are just

burying these people with bad credit if

they don't qualify it by the double zero

two and you guys got to bump them up

like Volkswagens charging close to six

and a half percent interest on the

highest tier I might be speaking Chinese

to some of you right now but just

realize that if your credit sucks

getting a Volkswagen Tiguan right now is

not your best bet if you're trying to

save money on interest on finance

charges however if your credit is okay I

guess it's not too bad but you got a hit

for a really really hard discount so

right now the Tiguan has got a pretty

high residual it's at about 60% I gotta

run this lease for this friend of mine

and try to figure out exactly what I

could do for him and he did me a favor

he sent me over the build and I shot it

over the build itself it's not too too

hard of a bill to find actually what you

want to do is what he did you want to

build out the car on Volkswagens website

take it in with you so they know exactly

what you're looking for they take you a

little bit more seriously to when you

walk in with with a build it means that

it means that you know what you want

you're not really settling for anything

less than that they know you mean


most of these Volkswagen guys they

probably deal with people that are you

know shopping their car a lot and they

don't like it

nobody likes rough estimates everybody

obviously likes to have a precise number

for anybody that's looking at this video

just asking or thinking to themselves

what's just a rough estimate help me out

here so if you're starting with the s

and we're assuming zero money down you

want to target about 300 a month if

you're targeting the SC I'd say about


sel probably I'd say about like 375 SEL

premiums are going above 400 obviously

if you can cover your taxes fees and

first payment do it start everything

drops about 30 bucks a month because

these taxes and fees roughly amount to

about like 1250 1300 bucks that accounts

for about 40 bucks that are that is

being capitalized into your payment if

you're looking to buy this car

now Volkswagen last month was doing

pretty well with with with cash however

you were taking either a 2.9 percent

interest rate on tier one or a little

bit higher I'd say about three point

nine if your credit wasn't a 720 plus

discounts you easy you're talking about

3 grand 4 grand depending on what trim

you know how expensive of an MSRP we're

talking you could definitely see 4,000

as as a common discount if you were to

walk in with your own interest rate you

can max out the discounts Volkswagen

gives you a rebate if you're not

financing at their lowest APR so if you

were to go in with your own interest

rate then what you could do is you can

you can max out the rebates and have the

dealership give you an option to finance

through the dealership but on your terms

as far as getting approved on this lease

Volkswagen has about eight different

tiers for approval if your credits not

so great your chances of getting

approved on a Volkswagen lease are

pretty high I wouldn't worry too much

about getting approved even if you've

got a score in like the low six hundreds

high five hundred high five hundreds

it's kind of pushing it though

definitely fill out a credit application

and make sure you're not wasting your or

the dealerships time so as far as his

lease so I like to usually put

everything on paper so his car costs at

about thirty three thousand let's move

over his lease is kind of interesting

because we've still got to worry about

his current lease which has about two

payments left in it I'm not gonna rely

solely on an early lease termination

what I'm gonna try

new his have him take it to like Carmack

see what the car is worth and see if we

can pay it off that way if there's any

equity and get rid of it and not worry

about these lease payments that's not

guaranteed but I definitely recommend

doing this if you're trying to get out

now what I'm gonna target for him is

about 10% without rebates let's say

3,500 off best cash off of the sticker

price and we've got about 20 350 in

lease rebates at results - let me show

you basically what I'm trying to go for

there's roughly about seventeen and a

half percent discount off of MSRP then

we got 60% residual 10 K miles and then

a point zero zero to 1 5 MF at Tier one

Jesus looks like so we go back and we

put this all in the calculator that

3,500 bucks

23:50 is in here

all that other good stuff and we're at

380 a month it's not a guarantee that

I'll get 18 percent off off of this t1

however I do want to pursue it because

it's a close friend and you got to hook

them up on top of everything else not

only that but Volkswagen like why

wouldn't you be able to get a smoking

hot deal on a Volkswagen they're already

charging way too much from for the

interest rate from Volkswagen credit so

why in the hell would I pay more than I

need to on the actual car hope this

video helps guys if it did help give it

a nice thumbs up below if you're seeing

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your screen thank you so much for

watching this we'll see you next time

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