hello everybody re here with Boston

automotive consulting here today to

explain to you how to buy and negotiate

your brand-new Toyota Prius so I wanted

to start off this video to talk about

the Toyota Prius to sort of decode for

you the confusion behind the different

trim levels and what it all means

you might notice with Toyota's in

general same rav4s Corollas and Camrys

you know they have their specific trim

levels you go l le xle SE with the Prius

it's a little bit different how they

structured the trim levels for the

Toyota Prius is such you have your

Toyota Prius brand and model however a

lot of people confuse the number at the

end of the Prius as being a completely

different model however for me and for a

lot of others the number that you're

seeing at the very end of the Toyota

Prius listing they might be looking at

is just the trim level take for instance

there's the two three four and you go up

each trim and you're getting more and

more options standard there are some

variations in how the Toyota Prius is

set up as in if you could get you know

the most common one which is the Prius

three or the Prius four there's a

touring trims of these priuses what you

can also do is add option packages to

attain some of the options that you

might find in higher trims but pay a

little bit extra on the lower trim in

order to get some of the extra options

now it's very very easy once you

understand that going up the trim levels

going through the inventory and seeing

exactly what options that you actually

need just by logging on to Toyota's

website and building your own and seeing

exactly what options are included in

each trim level so you can see what that

car has standard then go through the

rest of the models now as far as the

Prius Prime now there's

so a few what I would consider trim

levels on the Prius Prime the plus the

premium and the advanced structured

exactly how I was describing that the

regular Prius is structured you want to

go through each trim level and sort of

figure out exactly what you need from

these trims and what sort of unnecessary

and take a look into local inventory

having that in mind as far as what's

common with the Prius prime you can find

equal amounts of all three trims doing a

simple cars.com search the regular Prius

is a little bit more complicated you'll

see more prius threes and fours less

Touring's of these trims then you will

anything else it's important to target

the more common trim even if you might

not need some of extra options in order

to target a larger discount now with

regard to discounts Toyota releases

rebates during specific months sort of

mid year end of year and you have to

look out for these rebates now an easy

way to figure out exactly how much money

you can save on a Prius

or a Prius prime is just simply by

logging on to Toyota's website and

clicking offers now you'll usually see

cashback bonus they'll usually have it

listed there or in your dealers

advertisements sometimes they will list

a credit or rebate you want to

capitalize on these rebates when they're

still active and not miss out on those

now a lot of my customers typically go

on truck are calm and attain pricing

from there now I wanted to start off by

saying true car is not a bad website it

definitely gives a very fair and

accurate idea of how much you should be

getting your Prius port in some

instances it actually has deals that go

below a dealers cost and that's exactly

what I wanted to suggest to you the

typical markup in a Toyota Prius

is not much from the factory it's about

between five and seven percent now I

don't mean that you should only target

five to seven percent this is just a

starting point

now if you had 5 to 7-percent and let's

use an example of about 27,000 or 28,000

such as the more common Prius 3 or 4 now

what you want to be doing is targeting

that 5 to 7-percent just to begin with

and then deducting about $1,000 from

there that is considered quote-unquote a

loss to the dealership and then deduct

any available rebates now on all the

Priuses for this month

there's about 750 dollars of cash

available to consumers that's coming

directly from Toyota on the Prius prime

there's about 1500 now this is subject

to change you could be watching this

right now well after this video was made

and the rebates could be a little bit

more or it could be a little bit less

however it's very easy to figure out how

much those rebates are in the same

circumstance if you were to go and chase

after a Prius prime you want to do that

same calculation about 5 to 7 percent

off deduct a thousand and then deduct

another 1,500 that's coming directly

from Toyota and that would give you your

ballpark price for a Prius or a Prius

prime as far as the culture in

negotiating a Prius hybrids haven't been

becoming a lot more common now we're

seeing a lot more manufacturers

producing hybrids not just hybrids but

electric plug-in cars before it was very

hard to get a very very good deal on a

Toyota Prius let alone any hybrid car

because these were very limited

production cars they were very tough to

get they couldn't keep them in stock now

that hybrid and electric have been

becoming more common way of

transportation for a lot of people

they've become just like any other car

when you're negotiating if you're

receiving the runaround that a Prius

cannot be negotiated just like any other

Toyota that's false Toyota Priuses can

definitely be negotiated well under

invoice and you can get a fantastic deal

on a Toyota Prius just by shopping

around a little bit

using TrueCar comm will actually get you

a decent price but you always want to

double-check your own calculations do

what I suggested go down to invoice

deduct about a thousand that you would

want the dealership to take

quote-unquote lose and then deduct any

rebates available to you if the

dealership has a lot of let's say prius

three Touring's or prius 3s and you're

only looking for either a two or three

go after that three there's nothing

wrong with that however you would want

the discount to be substantial enough to

cover the difference in the amount that

the price is versus the actual vehicle

that you were looking for so guys I hope

this video helps if it did help give it

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