today we're talking about

the Infiniti q60 coupe real quick in the

comments section below while you're

watching this video tell me what you

think of the Infiniti q60 I personally I

like it a lot if I was downgrading from

a BMW coupe looking for something a

little bit less expensive I'll probably

consider the Infiniti q60 and and

actually this is actually very

interesting lease deal that my dealer

sent me over and I'm gonna actually

split the screen in a couple seconds

Siri split my screen on my video nice so

what this infiniti dealership is

offering me in this email now this

dealership in particular is from new

hampshire so that they're not including

massachusetts sales tax you guys got

lucky okay

in the payment so they're advertising a

q60 and if i look up the stock number

it's a $52,000 Infiniti q60 all-wheel

drive with sensory package they're

offering a $4,000 discount on it if

you're purchasing the car and if you're

leasing it's for 69 a month with 10,000

miles a year with 2500 dollars out of

pocket not including dealer fee which

I'm guessing is a documentation fee

registration basically all in all

they're asking for about like 3,200

bucks to get to 469 plus tax for 69 plus

tax is tax is 498 dollars with 3200

total out-of-pocket now that's a very

clever deal because this actually came

out to 600 bucks a month if you take out

that $3,200 Wow I am an idiot for uh for

thinking this deal was hot however

I actually ran a lease on this car and

it was coming out to this much anyway

now I would probably target this car for

zero down at 469 a month and see where I

get to because the discounts on these

and they really they come from the

factory so they could actually be making

a decent profit on this car by

advertising it the way that they have it

advertised so long story short Infiniti

is known for having a ton of rebates

coming what is wrong with my hair coming

from the factory back to the dealer so

in all reality you could probably hit

zero down at around 500 bucks on the q60

keep in mind that it is a fifty thousand

dollar car so getting it for one percent

of MSRP is actually a pretty good deal I

don't care on any car really one percent

of MSRP is considered to be a good deal

if you're going by the aje method I

actually have a video on this too so if

you want to scroll through my videos

you're basically if you put 5% out of

pocket to get to 1% of MSRP so a 2500

down to get to five hundred and ten a

month so you wanna you want to target

zero down and work your way up to max

2500 out of pocket to get to this one

percent of MSRP as far as residuals

these things are worth nothing pretty

much by the end of your lease so

realistically speaking if you're

purchasing this car you're probably

going to be upside down by the end of

the five years so I would definitely

consider leasing before purchasing

definitely definitely what you want to

be doing is walking in with your own

interest rate and seeing if the finance

managers would be willing to give you a

better deal on it at the end of the day

Infiniti offers a fantastic value on all

its cars so you're not getting you know

a bad car however you don't want to

overpay and pay as much as BMW and


drivers are paid hope this video helps

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