whatever you're doing right now stop

like stop pause the video go and

register to drive for uber I'm not even


go and register to drive for uber I'm

gonna get to why in a couple seconds hey

guys are we here from Boston automotive

consulting I want to tell you a little

bit about how to go about getting the

best possible deal on a Hyundai Tucson

let's get this party started huh let's

talk about some Toussaint's quiet on the


nice today I'm focusing on Hyundai

Tucson value because it's a good value

so just briefly today I actually took on

a client that wants a Tucson value I'm

trying to get him the best possible

purchase price for this car utilizing

the zero point zero and point nine

percent financing available through

Hyundai which is another benefit of

getting a Hyundai right now is the

promotional financing now as far as

rebates go there's a lot of them so get


maybe take a second and let's go through

this list together

so you're seeing all these rebates that

I'm seeing right like I'm not crazy

you got $2,500 coming from Hyundai

whether or not you're financed or you

paid cash

five hundred coming from Hyundai Motor

Finance if you're financing even if

you're using the promotional APR you get

that too if your credit sucks they'll

throw some additional rebates at you try

to get you to still finance at the

higher interest rate but obviously

balance out the additional interest

you're paying very sweet of you guys

thank you for doing that

uber why did I tell you to register for

uber so if you're considering getting a

Hyundai in the future what Hyundai and

uber do is all you gotta do is flash

your dashboard right take out your handy

dandy uber app and show them that you're

a driver for uber and Oh thousand bucks

just doesn't matter buy pay cash finance

lease thousand bucks right at you Thanks

uber 500 if you're in the military 400

if you're a recent college grad or a

grad student now this is where it gets

kind of tricky and so you got to see if

these cars have been sitting like car

gurus will tell you how long a cars been

sitting so if the car has been sitting

for a longer than I'd say about right in

between like sixty and ninety days you

might actually qualify for an additional

$500 rebate but it's on like the back

end like what the manager sees like like

when he's about to like turn over like

the monitor and like show you something

secretive that's what he might be seeing

if the car has been actually sitting for

quite a while as far as discounts go off

of MSRP they don't have a whole lot of

markup like there's not thousands on a

Hyundai there's a thousand from MSRP to

invoice and usually to compete you know

to actually sell cars they'll usually go

between five hundred and thousand

dollars below cost before all these

crazy rebates get thrown into the deal

so make sure the selling price that


seeing doesn't include rebates and make

sure you're getting about I don't know

I'd say like 8 to 10 or 11 percent off

before all the rebates so that you could

land somewhere close to like between

like 15 and 20 percent off as far as

lease deals go I'm happy you asked let

me take out my calculator for you if I'm

running this lease on a value with we

got a stupid high money fact however

there's four thousand dollars of lease

cash available on the value and more if

you go up to like an ultimate and the

higher trims however this is the lease

deal I'm looking at with just your taxes

fees acquisition fee the fees down and

your first payment and it's not

including the uber coupon

if I add in the uber coupon 262 a month

help let's say you recently graduated

college to 249 really really good deals

on these Hyundai's the one problem that

I noticed though most of these dealers

don't have like a plethora of colors

available if you're trying to get it and

you're not really feeling the color but

the dealer says hey I'll bring one in

from another dealership chances are he's

not gonna give you as good of a deal

like you even lose out on that $500

you know aged inventory discount that

they manager sees that that like

flipping the monitor around thing

remember that so you kind of lose these

things plus they're not gonna discount

as hard and plus they gotta pay somebody

to like go and get the car it just

doesn't you know what I mean try to

stick to in stock cuz you're gonna get

the best deal I'm pumped for you I hope

you get the best possible deal on this

thing it's more than possible to get

like between fifteen and twenty percent

I hope this video helps guys if it did

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guys we'll see you next time

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