why does Chrysler need to make their

deals so confusing are we here with

Boston automotive consulting today I

wanted to get into the Dodge Challenger

and try to figure out exactly how much

this thing is actually like no bullshit

how much is the actual payment I'm

looking at two different deals one of

them two guys are phenomenal for telling

us how much you guys are discounting

this car even though it's not that much

you're still telling us so thank you so

this one tells us all sorts of rebate

information and how much they're

discounting the car

not too much discount pretty much

non-existent at this point you know at

least they're telling you what sort of

rebates are included this one on the

other hand problem with you guys doesn't

say anything until you start reading the

bottom this one's pretty much nothing

you gotta read a ton of fine print to

understand it this one I'm gonna be

doing a hook-shot they're both all these

advertisements are roughly the same I

mean this one is 259 a month zero down

including all these rebates that

basketball that I just shot one more try

hook shot was on 279 a month and it was

including the same rebate I'm assuming

scumbag B had a bigger discount

however they probably will give you a

harder time when you walk in and try to

throw in more rebates into the whole

structure depending on how weak you look

260 ish 275 ish a month on this thing is

what it all really boils down to if you

qualify for these non qualifiable

rebates you feel me the three rebates

that it does have one of them is a

conquest rebate which a lot of people

actually do qualify for if you've got a

surrogate seriously if you've got a

competitive brand not even competitive

but if somebody in the household has to

be leasing another brand car like an on

chrysler car the other rebate is

non-prime cash as in if you've got a 620

credit score or less now don't get this

confused you even if you qualify for

this rebate you got a hope that they're

not going to jack up your interest rate

like ridiculously to make the lease

payment go up by a substantial amount

because even if you qualify for that

cash they're assuming top tier interest

when they structured that lease which is

ass backwards and should be illegal if

you ask me

another one that they included in

sleazebag B's Lee Steele was commercial

bonus where if you own your own business

they'd give you cash for that reason

maybe if you're gonna put some graphics

on it or you know strapped like a ladder

holder to your challenger some people

might do it I don't know oh that's the

sound I make whenever I see a challenger

so you know so I wanted to get into a

little bit about how these things get

leased out normally when you go into a

Dodge dealership it's not a situation

where they'll lease out just like Honda

will through Honda Motor Credit you

might get paired with a completely

unheard of bank that has a good program

on this car whatever makes the most

profit or I guess in this situation

whatever is the least loss least loss

least loss to the dealership they will

pair you with that bank that works the

best for whatever you're looking for now

as far as like Hellcats and stuff like

that I was structuring this lease or

looking at these lease specials on the

Challenger SXT if you're trying to lease

out a hellcat you might might want to

look into third party banks or just

financing this thing because interest

rates are through the roof on Hellcats

as far as discounts go you can easily

save about twenty five hundred thirty

five hundred bucks off of a challenger

so being able to get in this like to

sixty to eighty range before your

state's sales tax is definitely possible

like a five hundred dollar discount what

was it that was a joke if you were to

get a discount that is like the sum of

all these rebates that you don't qualify

for you can essentially get this thing

for what they're advertising the car for

definitely more than possible if you're

trying to buy this car some of these

rebates like the Conquest rebate or you

know the Bonus Cash consumer cash that

they offer you do have to finance the

car if you're financing through like

Chrysler capital definitely make sense

you will

be subject to a higher interest rate

than usual though so keep that in mind

try to put a little bit of money down to

offset the interest that they're

probably gonna be charging you

however the rebate amount is substantial

enough where you do want to take

advantage of financing through Chrysler

to get the rebate finding the one you

like it's tough and Chrysler's Chrysler

dealerships like Dodge Jeep dealerships

they don't like to trade with one

another they will don't get me wrong

they generally will but if it's on tough

cars like the Challenger they will

probably won't do it or they're gonna

give you a hard time about it by the

time you know they realize that they're

not gonna be able to make a deal so it's

a little bit tough to get the car that

you want if the dealership that you're

working to deal with has the car

definitely jump on it challengers don't

really sit around for two too long I

mean like seriously go on cars calm do a

search or CarGurus even you'll be able

to tell how long that car has been

sitting and generally they're not that

long so hop on it hope this video helps

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