I'm decoding this a Cadillac Escalade

lease deal that they've got going on my

local dealer and Cadillac nationally are

advertising this sort of similarly my

local dealer is advertising this with

just 879 a month not including tax not

including tax 879 down but there's a

rebate of $4,000 if you own a

competitive car - the Cadillac similar

cars you know Mercedes GLS maybe like

out eq7

cars of that sort then there's about

$2,000 in some cash from the factory

from Cadillac Cadillac nationally is

advertising this car without that rebate

but you've got to put like $6,000 down

to get to that 879 here's my thing with

Cadillac right this ad is complete

bullshit anyway because it's relying on

that 4 G's of either conquest cash or

you know 5 G's that you got to put down

to get there the tax alone in

Massachusetts on this Cadillac is about

60 bucks per month so it's already

climbing almost to $1,000 if we go by

the buy the ad basically what they don't

really tell you is this how much they're

discounting this car the Escalade has a

garbage residual you buy it you lease it

it really is not worth to too much after

all is said and done after your lease or

a few years into your finance agreement

so that being said on the lease end of

things Cadillac doesn't charge much for

interest like they're charging like a

quarter of a percent or half a percent

of interest on the APR however if you're

buying this car looking in to secure

your own interest rate may be a good

idea because anybody that's lending you

80k is gonna want some form of interest

to be paid on this car as far as

money off this is where it gets kind of

funny because I could tell you as a

Cadillac dealer hey I'm gonna give you

$10,000 off my Cadillac

it might sound ridiculously good to you

however I'll still be making money by

giving you that $10,000 off so 10% off

of a Cadillac

especially the Escalade luxury which if

we're talking about an $85,000 car is

$8,500 that's more than doable

if you're gonna go after 10k that I

would use that literally just as my

starting point that $4,000 in conquest

cash should be added to that $10,000

they can get off realistically speaking

you're getting between twelve and

fifteen thousand dollars off a Cadillac

may actually be attainable in order to

get to this advertised price of 899

without putting any money down requires

it you actually have to get between

twelve and fifteen thousand dollars off

in order to get there you got to realize

that at the advertised price they're

actually still making money so you can

imagine that there's some serious

savings to be had as far as the culture

in negotiating Cadillacs there's not -

too many Cadillac dealerships there's

not even - too many Escalades around and

most of these cars because they're used

by limo companies a lot of the limo

drivers especially small companies they

purchase their Cadillacs from these

dealerships the reason why I want to

talk about the culture is is that a lot

of these limo drivers they use these as

business expenses so they really don't

mind paying what the average consumer

can get off of Escalade to be able to

get between twelve and fifteen is

possible it's just not common to see

somebody really barge in and request

this much money off of the Cadillac

Escalade definitely go for the

mainstream model obviously they want to

incentivize this one especially the

Cadillac Escalade luxury not the ESV ESV

they tend to actually sell these cars in

cash usually limo companies again or I

don't know if you run a certain type of

business that requires this type of a

car finding one that you like may pose

as a challenge

however Cadillac dealerships are more

than willing to trade their vehicles

with each other

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