repeat after me

zero down does not mean zero them zero

down does not mean zero them all right

so Alfa Romeo Giulia deals are they're

confusing actually they're really really

confusing because they'll say zero down

and then on the fine print it'll say

first month's payment acquisition field

dealer dock fee additional then there

will be another line that says conquest

cash included in this deal for those of

you that don't know what conquest cash

is conquest cash means if you're leasing

a competitive make cart or somebody in

the household is leasing one they give

you additional money to be used against

this new lease price that they're

quoting you my local dealer on the Alfa

Romeo Giulia the advertising this car

for 389 a month not including tax with

quote unquote zero down rough total of

about 2200 total do it start if you take

into account all the fees that are not

included in this zero down how do I know

this I'm looking right at it right now

so let it let me show you

so long story short there's about

$30,000 in lease cash on the Alfa Romeo

Giulia but it's not gonna help you get

in the 300s it really won't let me tell

you why

most Alfa Romeo Julia's at least the

desirable ones are in the upper 40,000 s

when we're talking about MSRP and that

is sure to bring your payment up by

about a hundred bucks a month most of

the deals that they run on these they're

usually on forty three forty four

thousand dollar cars sort of the base

base Alfa Romeo Giulia if you were to go

up to a sort of desirable one which

we're talking about roughly a forty

eight to $50,000

Giulia then you want to expect the

payment somewhere in the four fifty to

five hundred dollar range with just

those taxes and fees do it start or

quote unquote zero down now as far as

discounts now you can get a smoking hot

deal if you're actually buying this car

because you're not relying on really

deflated residuals through Chrysler FCA

or a lie bank if you were to chase after

like let's say 15% off off of a Giulia

you might actually get there getting 15%

off of an Alfa Romeo is expected when

you're trying to get to four hundred a

month because if you were to buy this

car at full price the lease payment

would be above seven hundred dollars a

month so really chase after a hardcore

discount get somewhere in the double

digits as far as money factors go

they're really not charging any interest

on this car same thing with buying you

could probably get a really good

interest rate just by having above a 720

credit score as far as finding the

correct car now Alfa Romeo dealerships

typically do trade with a lot of other

dealerships so definitely know the car

that you want if you want to save the

most money though

get something that's in stock they're

definitely not going to give you as good

of a deal if they were to go out and get

you the car that you want as far as

which dealership is going to be the most

aggressive the most aggressive

dealership is going to be the one that

has the most alfa romeos big

you better believe that these cars are

gonna sit there probably past December

of this year really hit those

dealerships hard they know that they've

got a challenge that they've got to

overcome and that is to move 2018 models

that they've got left on the ground

especially especially the more expensive

ones if you guys were looking at Alfa

Romeos definitely wait until either the

end of the month or sort of the holiday

specials July 4th Labor Day and so on I

hope this video helps if it did help

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much for watching guys we'll see you

next time

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