Boston Automotive Consulting specializes in high end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and many other fine cars. We can negotiate thousands off the MSRP of your new car or SUV.


Our Luxury Car Buying Program includes being the broker, negotiator and concierge of your new dream car, making sure that the WHOLE car buying process goes smoothly. Even the paperwork!


What makes us different than a Los Angeles, Miami or NYC Auto Broker? We aren't trying to move a dealership's inventory unit. We can help you custom order a vehicle from a dealership, locate a specific vehicle, and negotiate thousands off the MSRP to make sure that you are getting what YOU want, and not what makes the most commission.

Boston Automotive Consulting has helped many people across the United States buy and lease different types of luxury automobiles, and when it comes to luxury cars, BAC does not stop at the first number. With the abundance of luxury car dealerships in metropolitan cities such as Boston, we can handle payment and price shopping for you, guaranteeing that we will negotiate an amazing deal on your behalf.

Let us be your personal car buying concierge and negotiator. Request a Quote.

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