+ Do you only offer your services in Boston?

No! We are able to deliver our services nationwide, and welcome customers from all over the United States. We've done deals in various states such as Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and more!

+ Why should I use a car concierge service like yours?

Nobody wants the stress of car buying. We guarantee that you'll experience a stress-free car buying experience, and we can guarantee that we'll get you a fantastic deal on a new car. Negotiating cars is not an easy task, and generally speaking, the average person buys a new car once every 5-7 years. Can you guess how many we buy a week?

+ Who does Boston Automotive Consulting ACTUALLY work for?

You! Plain and Simple. We do not take a commission from any of the dealerships we work with, nor do we take a referral fee. We are different than your typical auto broker in that we do NOT try to move certain cars from inventory over others, and it makes no difference to us if you choose one brand over the other.

+ How much money do you make when you sell a car?

We do not sell cars. Because we work strictly for our clients, the only "commission" we earn is the fee that you've paid.

+ What if I've been car shopping and already have a good deal?

Even better! We can work with your current or former salesperson to try and secure the best possible deal you are looking for. Although we cannot guarantee that your preferred dealership will do the deal, we can certainly shop around using our resources to get you there. If we cannot get you a better deal you owe us nothing.

+ How much can I expect to save with your car concierge service?

We typically generate between 12%-16% off all new cars before rebates or incentives. Some cars have less of a markup than others, but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect a great deal on the car regardless of markup!

+ How long does it take for you to deliver a good deal on a car?

Our average deal takes anywhere between 48-72 hours depending if the car is in stock or not. If the vehicle's availability is a bit more complicated than expected, we'll be working with you diligently to make sure you're well aware, and would obviously require a bit more time to make a deal happen.

+ If I am not happy with your service, do I get a refund?

Absolutely. We take pride in our ability to deliver quality results. If for whatever reason you are not happy, and find that a significantly better deal could've been had elsewhere, we will refund the fee you've paid.

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