You can obtain FICO scores from individual credit bureaus ($15.96) or from all three ($47.88) Click here to purchase.

I used to use Credit Karma a lot back in the day. It's very educational!

The key word in this whole thing is “educational”. It's meant to try and teach you what's impacting your credit score how you can improve it all.

There’s different factors that play into what's making your credit score what it is and what steps you need to take to make it better. Credit Karma uses what’s known as a vantage score. In the credit world there's the vantage score and then there's your FICO score. These are both based off of your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit reports. These bureaus are the ones that are deciding what score you're getting.

Credit Karma uses Vantage, and what lenders ACTUALLY care about is what your FICO score is!


What makes the FICO score more interesting is that the FICO score has different variants depending on what sort of loan you're applying for!

In particular, FICO has one if you're going to be buying or leasing a car. It's called the FICO Auto Score, and the most recent one is FICO Auto Score 9. Everybody right now is pretty much using the FICO Auto Score 8.

The reason why FICO has different variants of their own scores is, depending on what sort of loan you're applying for it's also gonna determine what your risk factor is and what the probability of you defaulting on the car loan is.

My best advice if you want to know before you get to the dealership what your true FICO Auto credit score is, purchase your three Bureau reports that actually tell you not only just your FICO score but your FICO Auto credit score.



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