We are Boston's #1 Concierge Auto Car Buying Service!


It is no question why many of our customers are RAVING about our car buying concierge service, and many have saved thousands of dollars off the MSRP of their new car. Buying a new car with Boston Automotive Consulting entails a very smooth and stress-free experience.

Simply tell us what kind of car you are looking for, and what type of budget you had in mind. We are straight forward and will tell you if we are up for the car buying challenge!


Since we work with a vast network of car dealerships, and we buy plenty of cars a week, our auto buying power can make a significant impact and improvement on the typical car shoppers' experience.

Whether you are buying or leasing, it makes no difference to us. Since we are NOT selling you a car, we are more interested in negotiating the final selling price of the car you are interested in. Also, we have a keen eye for hidden fees, rebates, as well as making sure interest rates are not being played with.

Our #1 goal is to make sure you get the best deal on your next new car or SUV. Consider us to be your PERSONAL professional car buying service, handling all the negotiations and stress for you!


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