It's no surprise. The car sales industry from the very beginning has and will continually be heavily dominated by males.

Why? Simple. (In my fact driven opinion, at least) 

Men like (and drive) cars more than women.

But what does that have anything to do with sales?

A car dealership to an unexperienced person, regardless of sex, can be about as overwhelming as being held at gunpoint, putting all the pressure into either A. Buying, or B. Looking for any way to flee.

Boston Automotive Consulting can help. It does NOT matter if you're male or female, and we'd love to help reduce the tension.

From a demographic standpoint, many of our clients are either young professionals or females looking to reduce the stress and hassle of walking into an overly alpha and dominant environment, just really looking to get the best deal without all the pressure.

We understand the unnecessarily stressful atmosphere of the dealership and car salespeople, and we'd LOVE to help you in your car shopping. If you think you could benefit from our service, please: 


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