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After all the car shopping is done, and you've selected the perfect car, this is when we shine!

Our job is to go beyond negotiating the final selling price of your new car or SUV. Not only do we make sure you are being given the best possible pricing, we are here to triple check all of the numbers with regard to interest rate, extended warranty options, and Tire and wheel protections. 

What any people don't know is that the selling price of a car is NOT the only thing that is negotiable. We can help you get a better overall deal on the extra protection items being offered to you at the dealership, and will make sure that the interest being charged is the lowest being offered by the manufacturer.

Dealerships can and will recuperate lost profit on a car via the financing department, and many people become tired and lost after having dealt with negotiating the actual car. 

Let us help you by managing the stress of the car buying process, and help you get a better deal on all aspects of your purchase.

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