Why BAC?

Boston Automotive Consulting isn't trying to sell you a car. We are trying to change your car buying process forever! Why go through the headache of having to haggle and question your next car purchase. Why not make taking delivery of your new car more enjoyable? More than just a car buying service and car buying agent, we are trained at negotiating and making sure you find you the exact car you're in the market for so. We guarantee the best price and without having to wait for days on end playing waiting games with different dealerships.


We work for you, not the dealership!

Websites like TRUECar, American Express, USAA, BJ's, Cars.com, Edmunds, Auto Trader are all helpful. Guess what? They only SELL your information and work to get you into the dealerships door.

Services & Pricing


We are here from beginning to the end. 

Not only do we guarantee the best price, we stay with our customers throughout the purchase process all the way past them taking delivery. We do not just sell you a number and move on to the next customer.

Happy Customers

We are real people that are working behind the scenes.

Ari Janessian, CEO of Boston Automotive Consulting, stands behind his work by ensuring a Money Back Guarantee. We are not selling you advice. You are only expected to  pay when we produce!

About Ari

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