I can't even put my finger on it anymore

I can't tell if the x2 is gorgeous or if it's hideous!

I really at this point don't know...

if you're seeing this and you have an

opinion of THE X2, next to let me know what you


I'm very excited to start talking about this new BMW x2 because it's a really really interesting design from BMW, I've watched various reviews, I've seen the car in person, it's almost it feels a little bit wider in person.

so anyway this thing is leasing out pretty aggressively they've got some lease cash

they've got some rebates for anybody that owns or is leasing a BMW or is leasing/financing a competitive make like a Mercedes or an Audi.

that all equates to about 2,500 bucks

they're advertising this car for 389 a month that's on a 41 thousand dollar car, sort of the typical price tag that you might be seeing on the new X2.

what you want to do is is find a car that would work in stock and if you can't find one that's in stock, you could order this thing could make it so that they've given you what you want

What you want to do is obviously shop around the deal a little bit maybe reach out to like three dealers but lease payment is about 389 including $1000 discount from BMW a thousand is nothing on the x2 if you can get about tripled so about 3 grand off that would equate to roughly about what they own the car for which is about a six and a

half percent markup if you could get

that if you've got a BMW or competitive

brand car you could also take advantage

of a $2,500 in rebates that they have

and that lease would actually translate

to just two thousand total do it start

not the 5,000 that BMWs advertising in

this lease special and 10,000 miles a

year it's 444 43

with with no loss to the dealer so if

you were to ask them or negotiate maybe

$1,000 loss it's very possible and yes

I'm using a blackberry key one to get to

about 400 bucks a month with just your

taxes and fees do upfront as far as

discounts off of MSRP go you could get

about six and a half percent off and

have them still not lose anything on the

car and still be able to take advantage

of all these credits because if you

don't have the least credit you can get

that same amount as an APR as a finance

credit but youve got to finance you can't

pay cash in order to take advantage of

this well you could do is if you are a

cash customer you could finance for a

minimum of six months for a minimum of I

believe it's like seventy five hundred

or ten thousand dollars for BMW and

still be able to take advantage of the

rebates that are in place as far as

promo APR I believe they're up offering

1.9 percent that is subject to change

month by month sometimes sales events

like you know this July 4th event etc

they were they were offering promo APRs

for or the month and they could even

remove some of the lease credits so it

really all depends it goes month by

month for BMW and typically what we see

is mid year they offer the incentives

really really hard on the outgoing model


so once the 2019 drops in like September

they'll still be offering a ton of those

credits on the 2018 and you probably

have to wait until like Christmastime or

you know at the very earliest November

to take advantage of any incentives in


for 2019 models now as far as

availability goes you could definitely

like I said you can definitely build

this thing out you can definitely get it

how you want it it's just very very

important that you take advantage of the

rebates by locking in what's known to

BMW as rate lock you want to do is you

want to work your deal build the car

order the car fill out a credit

application at that dealership so you

can lock in the programs and incentives

so that by the time the car actually

gets to your dealer after being built

from the factory you could still take

advantage of any incentives that were in

played before that word that got pulled

et cetera at the time your car came in

and that's something

that BMW does allow people to do like I

said guys low 400s high 300s depending

on the MSRP nothing down just your taxes

and fees down should get you there

anything around this $400 figure is

technically it's a good deal if you can

get any better than that that's great

definitely target these numbers for a

solid deal on the x2 hope this video

helps guys if it did help give it a nice

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