We're talking discounts here. Lease liabilities like mileage overages, dings, bald tires.

You've bought several cars from these guys, and it boiled down to two things:

  1. PRICE

Since you're back, you're really back for the 1st reason, right? (**ASSUMING** No.2 is guaranteed)

The customer service is going to be the only factor getting you to the price at this point.

Well, what if I told you there's only a certain limit that honest customer service will take care of? 

These mileage overages and excess wear and tear, no matter how "no-biggie" they may be passed off by your salesperson, they are ultimately going to affect your payment and be deducted from your discount. 

Is that honest customer service? Or is that just a way to make us believe we are being given preferential treatment? 

Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying we shouldn't be charged for our mistakes...

but if I'm going to be charged, I could care less if Dealer X smile's and charges me the actual amount, and would probably shop it around until Dealer Z is pissed off and giving a better deal including my damages.

Loyalty to a brand does not require loyalty to a dealership.

Sure, get another Toyota. It's your 8th, and why not make it your 9th.

As far as the salesperson is concerned, they'll stay super nice to you too.

How is management going to feel about your loyalty though?  

Is your loyalty costing them too much? 

Just some food for thought next time you say "We've bought X number of cars from them". 


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