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Before I say anything, kudos to Honda for giving its customers the best rate and best rebates out there. 

Now for the rest...  

C'mon...  0.0% and no $2000 discount? or... $2000 discount and 4.9% interest?


So if I did the math correctly.... 


You guessed it! 

You got jipped! 

I'm not saying most of these incentives are not valid. Don't get me wrong.

It's really all up to you to take full advantage of them.


If you know you're going to be paying in cash, don't be tempted to finance and miss out on the cash rebate!

Similarly, if you're tempted by the rebate, and are being told you "need" to finance through the dealership to qualify for the rebate, ask to speak to a manager.

Chances are, they don't want you to find a lower rate at your own bank and couple it with the rebate!  

In a recent situation, I was able to take advantage of a heft manufacturer cash rebate, and have the dealership match and secure the same offer from the customers credit union.

He shaved off a whole percent off the promotional APR, AND, took advantage of the rebate. 

APR is everything in a finance deal!

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