I get these questions at lease once a week: 

"Who has the best zero down lease?"

"What is the best bang for you buck?" 

"How can I get a nicer car for cheap?" 

I'll give you a hint! It's starts with a V, and it's not Swedish!


As the holiday season approaches, and the auto industry is getting ready to close its books, it's safe to say that deals at Boston area dealerships this time of the year are going to be SMOKING HOT.


Besides being relatively inexpensive, and very fuel efficient, the Tiguan, Jetta, Passat and GTI are extremely pleasing to the eye. 

New England car shoppers considering a Volkswagen such as the Jetta or the Tiguan, one of the most appealing aspect of the car is that you are able to have luxury amenities such as leather, sunroof, and navigation, without having to get the highest package for $5000-$10,000 more.

Drivers looking to lease or buy this car can expect to see discounts of up to 20% off, and additional incentives are available to those that have also recently obtained a degree from College, whether it be an Associates, Bachelors, or Masters!

If you are interested in benefitting from a low finance or lease payment on a brand new VW, we can guide you through the painless process, and structure a payment quote for you in just a few minutes! 

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