SwapaLease.com and LeaseTrader.com both offer a fantastic service for lessees looking to get out of their lease.

They make the process super easy, provide you with the support and answers you need throughout the process.


What if you don't necessarily have the right questions?

Most of the time, people taking on another person's lease payment are attracted by the short term flexibility and low payment.

... and there is nothing wrong with that!

There are certain aspects of this that you may not realize though until you are hit with the lease end disposition bill.



How much tread is left on the tires? Will it pass the lease companies rule for minimum tread depth? (The Penny Test).

Disposition Fee!

Most lease companies charge anywhere between $350-$595 at the end of the lease to "dispose" (remarket) the car!



The light for brake pads usually won't go off until about 30k miles on most cars. Some even longer. But what if you're taking on someone's lease that allowed 45k miles, at 30k, without the light on, and two weeks later... 

Dings, dents, missing keys, etc.

Make sure you get a complete visual of the vehicle, and if there are any chargeable damages, make sure you are getting compensated for them to offset the lease end bill! 

Say you took on 12 remaining payments at $200 for a Toyota Camry. You've got a $350 disposition fee, a $600 charge for tires, and ONE chargeable ding you weren't responsible for ($200).

Disposition Bill =  $1150

Broken down monthly... $32! 

This post wasn't meant to steer you against the swap or trade of a lease. It was meant to shed light on the possibilities at lease end!

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