Now what about Toyota dealerships? 


There are about 25 Toyota dealerships within a 40 mile radius of Boston!

Good news is, if you didn't score that deal for $99/month on that Corolla, you can pretty much pick and choose another dealer right down the street that you could try.

It really does not make any sense not shopping prices. I really, REALLY, hear people on that. Getting a fantastic deal on a car like a Toyota or a Honda all really boils down to numbers.

A Toyota dealership that's performing very well and meeting a lot of their goals will certainly:

  1. Sell you a Toyota and make no money on the car. (This only further boosts their overall performance bonuses)
  2. Be more willing to beat a deal by a few hundred dollars even if it means cutting into their bottom line and losing some money on their car. (See #1)
  3. Give you their best number if you are willing to sign THAT DAY.

You see, Toyota for the last few years has been battling the media and the negative attention caused by its recall campaign and it's Gas Pedal Issue.

Are they succeeding?


I think so.

Didn't get that deal done in Allston or Boston? Head over to Watertown.

Lexington fell through? Try Woburn or Acton. 

Trust me. 

One of them will take it! 

10 million cars sold in 2015 is not a lucky turnaround.

They certainly are: 

  1. offering generous discounts.
  2. charging little to no interest (lease or buy)
  3. taking care of their current customers. 
  4. opening more dealerships

Your chances of getting a ridiculously good deal on a Toyota?


Depending on how many dealerships you visit and pin against one another, the average discount a Toyota Camry buyer will see is roughly a 25% discount off the MSRP, also known as the "sticker price". In my advice, start at  30% 😈

Corolla and RAV4 shoppers shouldn't feel left out. The average Corolla or RAV4 shopper will usually get between 15%-20% off!

Thats one heck of a deal Toy  ota! 

(Just FYI though, little brother Lexus isn't too too much different.) 

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