Mercedes-Benz at the current moment is no longer what the luxury market had previously and rightfully perceived it as.

Aesthetically, Mercedes-Benz has adopted a concept that no two Mercedes drivers are similar. One driver may prefer the elegant and passive styling it has always offered for its luxury sedans. The other may prefer it's younger, more attention grabbing AMG sport styling at no up charge.

Interior refinements in the past few years have made customizing a Mercedes-Benz a pleasure, and has offered customers a wide selection of materials and color options for the seats, carpets, roof and headliner, as well as different wood and metal trim. The inside of a Mercedes-Benz can be your Rolls-Royce or your Porsche.

At any given moment, at the drivers discretion, a Mercedes-Benz can transform its suspension electromagnetically to resemble that of a sport BMW, or soften up like a Lexus!

Price and Service. One might think owning and keeping a Mercedes-Benz requires a doctor's salary. This has not been the case since BMW and Audi have made advancements in the market in the past decade! Mercedes-Benz retailers will usually cut bold and eyebrow raising deals to their previous customers, and more than likely win over their buyers with accommodating and flexible leasing/financing terms.

If you think that Mercedes-Benz is still the German version of Cadillac, you may still be stuck in the 90s!

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