Rule #1. We run the show. 

No matter how much of a hot shot, or how cocky a salesperson may perceive himself to be, watch how quickly he starts to sweat when asked if another salesperson could help you instead. Make it known that you are the boss. ALWAYS.

The moment a salesperson feels like he's lost your attention to him, is the moment where he quickly realizes that he is no longer the Kobe Bryant of the car business. 

Rule #2. Ask a lot of questions.  

There is nothing more that screams "we have selection" than someone who is interested in a vehicle after asking 10,000 different questions about ONE model. 

It is a salespersons job to speed up the process, and not tire you out before closing a deal. It is YOUR job to make sure that you fully understand the car you are about to buy!

Rule #3. Constantly have your guard up!

This is a red-flag for impending doom, and it is your right to test your salesman to see what it is EXACTLY that he is trying to sell you. 

Rule #4. You don't have to believe any of it. 

Except the numbers you agree on, everything else that is said, is pretty much presumed to be anecdotal or flat out BS. Not much really is going to matter until you're ready for it to. Once you've established selection on a car, anything that is said about the vehicle is what's actually important, and the numbers game to follow it. It is our right to believe absolutely none of the qualitative data, and to attest the validity of the quantitative data!

Rule #5. You can walk out without numbers. 

If you know that you have no intention on signing paperwork today, it is your right NOT to do so. Also, it is within your right to express that truthfully to your salesperson. 

 Nobody likes to leave with a bad taste in their mouths, even the salespeople, and the further you dig into his lowest number today without buying, the further he will dig to make sure you do. 

Rule #6. Shop around! 

Not being restricted to one brand is the beauty of a free market economy that we enjoy in the United States. With an overwhelming amount of different car manufacturers and models available to us now, in all shapes and sizes, it is your absolute right to not ACCEPT and settle for the salesperson's "professional" recommendation. (Refer to Rule #1).

Rule #7. We get what we ask for. 

This is a true statement. The problem with this advantage of ours? What is appropriate to ask for? How does a consumer feel in control when he doesn't know what to ask for? 

Rule #8. Never fall for the 1st number. 

Although a payment may be low, or lower than you may have expected, or lower than a friend may be currently paying, it is always a GREAT idea to ask for a second dealerships "opinion". A simple phone call could even save you an additional $1000.

*IF, you really like your salesperson, make the phone call at his own desk!*

Rule #9. Say LOYAL!

Just because we got the best number by showing 3 other offers, does not make the last salesperson the best fit to earn your business. 

It is your RIGHT and your obligation to select the best and hardest working salesperson to sell you the car and earn your business. Pick wisely, as the power of making this decision could make a relationship with a salesperson one to remember, or one to quickly regret! 

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