The task of buying a new car in Boston, or wherever for that matter, is TIRING. Lucky for us, living in a metropolitan city allows us to benefit from a lot of the resources available to us in the automotive industry.

Popular auto brands such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Dodge, Volkswagen, BMW, and the likes, all have various dealerships in close proximities to one another all around Massachusetts, allowing consumers to shop one dealership against the other, without the need for time consuming travel.

One could easily spend a sunday afternoon going from Boston or Brighton, to the Auto Mile in Norwood, or maybe to the North Shore and Danvers, all to find the best payment for a car they're not even 100% sold on.

But what about when you're not even interested in shopping a payment special. What about when you actually want to learn about the new car you're about to buy?

The biggest problem that consumers face isn't the lease or finance deal they are getting, or chasing after. As far as they are concerned, all they really have to do is walk out, and they've got a salesperson calling them back with lower numbers later on that day.



  1. the features and equipment of the car you just bought.

  2. the services your dealership offers.

  3. what other options were available to you.

Salespeople, more often than not, are primarily focused on learning your needs, and matching them as best they feel they can if it will meet the criteria of a car they have available. That's an industry sales criteria.


Finding the right car, at the right price, at the right place. It's the salespersons job to make sure he has these 3 variable in order, or else he does not have a deal. He will work tirelessly, often at the expense of your exhaustion, until he establishes these 3 variables.

What does a consultant or broker do?


  1.  finds out the vehicle you actually want based on an unbiased approach to your needs.

  2. establishes a target payment with you that is comfortable for you to say yes to.

  3. handles the dirty work for you, so that the salesperson and you can focus on what matters most.


Your average car buying agent or broker spends each of their day negotiating out the best deal for his customers. Most brokers work with several different dealerships, and are not committed to a certain chain unless they are actually and truly offering the best volume discounts.

With that being said, a true car buyer's advocate, because they are paid by their customers (and NOT the dealers) 


  1. convince you to buy a specific brand because it makes them more money.

  2. put you into a aggressive or high pressure sales environment.

  3. give you pricing that could be considered relatively easy to get.

Car buying agents (or brokers) know the business because they are the middlemen. They are a hybrid salesperson and consumer.

Brokers seldom show emotion or take ownership of a vehicle they are negotiating or brokering because it is not their shiny brand new car. It is their customers.

After all is said and done, a good car broker is after two things:

  1. Making sure his/her customer is happy enough with his work that they'll do business again.

  2. Keeping his/her reputation squeaky clean for future business.

With the car business having such a bad stigma surrounding it, a broker's ONLY goal is to make sure his/her name stays immaculate.

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