It's not a tough task for a lot of people, and eventually, a great deal is possible for those who can endure the process.

The real truth is that even the most seasoned negotiators dread the ending stages of a deal, because it usually involves a series of "hiding numbers", getting asked for written offers, and being apart of a hostile atmosphere until the handshake.


Not to mention the remorse after shaking hands. Did you actually   get a good deal? Or did you just get the number that you were after?

It doesn't need to be a guessing game. A buyer's agent or concierge will tell you upfront what the price SHOULD be, and how close or how much less you can expect to pay, relative to an already great deal. 

What does the broker know that a trained negotiator doesn't? 

Perhaps some lease cash? Rebates? Corporate incentives? 

There are far too many components of a great deal that are often overlooked, leaving many car shoppers in the dark until way after they've signed paperwork on their car. 


Getting the run around about what is and isn't possible, as well as being asked for proof from another dealer, are all things that car salespeople need to do to protect full MSRP. 

We are here to help, and can get it done QUICKER because we do it far too often to accept the run around.  

Here's a secret:

Services online that tell you what the "bottom line" price is, get paid by the dealership to advertise that price! The websites often get paid more than the salespersons commission to do so! 

A safe rule of thumb is to add $500 to any "lowest price" you are seeing. 

Another option? 

Run it by us. All of our initial consultations are free, and the deal that you get is not only amazing, it is done WAY quicker than any deal you or any seasoned negotiator can pull off. 

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