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It's not even me being cocky. Put yourself in the shoes of a concierge or broker such as myself. As a car buyer and personal negotiator, the most difficult obstacle in my line of work ISN'T getting the best deal. It's finding the right dealership to give it to me!

Greater Boston has some of the largest and most reputable car dealerships such as Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, and so on...

The real obstacle? Finding one that you (and the broker) get along with the best.

A seasoned car buyer has no trouble negotiating a fantastic deal, but runs into constant issues with how convenient or accommodating the dealership is to his or her client.

The side of the business which a client sees is the fun side, and they don't, they usually aren't dealing with a good broker.

As an automotive consultant, buyer, negotiator, and concierge, my job is not only to make sure you get the best deal, but also it is to make sure that your whole car shopping and buying experience is something to rave about!

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