"Zero Down" Leasing is simple. In fact, it's a no brainer!


The following fees are required to be charged at the start of any lease:

  1. Acquisition Fee (Honda: $595; VW: $625; Toyota: $650, BMW: 925; etc,.)

  2. Documentation Fee (Ranging from $290-$500 paid to the dealership to handle all necessary paperwork & correspondence)

  3. Registration (New Plates = $135) 

  4. First Payment ($___.__)

When you sign a zero down or sign and drive lease, whether or not you put less than the amounts above, you are still paying for all of these fees.


In fact, when you don't pay the fees upfront, you are likely paying interest on them as well as $30-$60 more per month than the advertised special.

The fees are required and generally speaking, do not necessarily NEED to be paid upfront.

Most of the time, these fees are "rolled" into your lease, and is regarded by many experts as the most cost effective way to lease a car whenever possible. 

The reason? 

What many don't know is, when an insurance company declares a   leased  vehicle a total loss, they only pay the leasing company the balance that is left on the account.


Those that get pressured into putting a hefty down payment are not only making a skewed decision, they are also putting money in jeopardy every day that car is on the road. 

Conversely, the other side of the aforementioned is highly disregarded!

The point of leasing in general is to pay as little as possible, and for only what is necessary. 


  1. Roll in all the taxes and fees, 

  2. Put no money down

  3. Keep your cash down payment where it is safe (and off the road)

  4. Maximize your available capital

When negotiating a zero down or sign and drive lease deal, always:

  1. use the advertised specials money down as a guide to help you work backwards

  2. Request the quote to be structured with ZERO due upfront (Including taxes and fees)

  3. Put no more than the first payment to $1000 total out of pocket

For our brokerage and concierge clients, we generally recommend to not put any money down that is not required. Most of our Ford, Jeep, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen customers generally do not put more than the first payment to $1000 total down.

If you need more help, or feel as though you'd like to trust a professional car buyer with your leasing or financing needs, please feel free to contact Boston Automotive Consulting via the

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