Never negotiate Wheel & Tire Insurance after you're done negotiating your car!


What many people don't know is, just like the car's price, the cost of many wheel and tire insurance packages are marked up, sometimes by DOUBLE!

If you know you're going to need it, why not use it as a negotiating tool?


Many of my customers don't even consider it until way after we've locked a great price for their car, and mistakenly, they've overpaid on this sometimes necessary insurance!

So say for example you are negotiating a lease for your BMW 3 Series, and you know you're going to buy that package from F&I (the paperwork office), why not strike a deal at that "comfortable" number that would include Wheel & Tire insurance BEFORE you step into the F&I Business Office?

Dont save it for after! Include Wheel and Tire Insurance in your bargaining and save money both ways! 

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