Gary Vaynerchuk says we are lucky. We're lucky because of Facebook and Google. We're lucky because we have all sorts of information and media available to us that our grandparents didn't have back in the day.

Somehow, someway, even though we've adapted to such a new and digital way of living, car shopping for most is still stuck in this old school "they got theirs for this much, so I..." type of mentality.

It's a topic of conversation for a lot of people when going to buy a car. You ask a friend, "hey, how much did you get the Accord for if you don't mind me asking?"


It's a sore subject for everyone. No one likes to tell the complete truth as to what they paid, how much they put down, exactly what "uhh, 500 something" means, etc,.

We base our target number based on a piece of (mostly false) information, and trust that number to be what we should pay because Doug told Larry that Henry said Herb Chambers did it for that price.


Our grandparents did the same. They bought their cars with misinformation, and negotiated until what they believed was fair for that car.

Do you know what our grandparents would've done to be able to log onto Edmunds or to find out exactly how much of a bullshit artist Doug was?

How we use the resources available to us online is AMAZING.

How many of these resources (besides classified ads or used car listings) are actually beneficial to most of us.... Pretty much USELESS.

How do you capitalize on the information available to you online?

You can go in two directions.

The first, piece together every bit of information you can from all the different resources online such as Edmunds, TrueCar, KBB, LeaseHackr, LeaseTrader, SwapaLease, or other major auto broker websites. Find out exactly what the "popular" number is that is widely advertised. AIM exactly for that number at any dealership you set foot in.

The second, (what our grandparents wish they could've done). Instead of actually stepping foot into Boch Honda or Bernardi or Prime or wherever.... 


Our grandparents literally had to drive to each dealership instead of spending hours on a telephone with bad connection or no one actually picking the damn thing up.

Literally send out an email blast to all the different sales departments. Call a broker ( for example: ;) ). Take any and all path to reaching as many dealerships as possible before realizing that Doug is a complete liar, and that $199/month on his Lincoln was a complete LIE.

Whatever you do, don't take the internet for granted.

Whatever you do, don't listen to Doug.

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