Boston, Massachusetts and New England car shoppers have been contacting Boston Auto Consulting regarding leasing and buying brand new cars with little to no money down. We work primarily with new cars, delivering more than amazing discounts and revealing how the system really works. BAC is Boston's premiere Auto Leasing "brokerage" type service, and separating us from your typical broker or concierge is the fact that we work for you, and only you! We have extensive experience with all make and model cars, and are more than positive we can make a fantastic deal happen around any budget. Before you step into Boch, Ira, Prime, Herb Chambers, Kelly, etc, please consider taking us with you. We are more than sure we can be of huge help to you before finalizing a deal.

if you are looking for a fantastic deal on a new car, look no more! We are professional car negotiators and will negotiate a fantastic deal on your behalf. We know only great car deals, and we will beat the concierge, broker, car buyer, or other agent that is promising you any low price.

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