It's True.

Car deals aren't rocket science. Being able to figure out how much your next car should sell or lease for is not something that requires privileged knowledge to decipher.

Its similar to wanting a nice steak...

You can easily buy the steak yourself, probably for A LOT less than what its being marked up for at the steak house.

The road to eating that same steak is the challenge though. Not the price of it.

Who is going to spend time cleaning it? Who is going to spend time seasoning it?

Are you going to have to set a specific time aside on the weekend, firing up the grille, waiting for your brother in-law to do it with you, making yourself dirty, and possibly charring it on the way?

Then what? All that exhausting process for ONE steak? C'mon...

Was it worth it?

What about going to a steakhouse?


WHAT IF I told you there was someone inviting you over his house to eat. He grilles up Steak-House quality meats ALL THE TIME, and wants you to enjoy it with him.

See where I'm getting at?

The issue is, I don't have steak. Well, actually I do, but steak isn't exactly what we're talking about here. For the sake of the argument, let's just call it steak.

Quite frankly, there are way too many websites out there that flat out tell you what the cost of the car is. Or, cost of "Steak" rather. You could flat out ask Siri if you really wanted to. TrueCar and Edmunds will help you find out what that steak might actually cost, but remember one thing, even TrueCar, KBB and Edmunds don't work for you.


Me on the other hand?

I work for you. I work for all of us as consumers and grocery shoppers. I've been on both sides of the counter, and quite frankly, I think its time for a little role reversal here.

Most of the time being spent researching online and calling around dealer to dealer tend to actually confuse you more. Phrases like "Up To" such and such discount, "Including Military and Recent Grad Credit" are only there to further confuse the whole process and put control back in the dealer's hands.

What do I do differently?

Nothing. Almost Nothing.

  1. I study and research cars the same way as you. (Maybe for a lot longer, and on all cars.)
  2. I figure out incentives and programs the same way as you.
  3. I understand and comprehend a dealer's attitude and friendliness the same way as you. (lucky for me, I don't actually have to be in front of them to get what I want.

That "Almost Nothing" boils down to one thing:


Properly and CONFIDENTLY using that same research, and being able to efficiently executing a strong negotiation on your brand new car is my mission. Its my goal: EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's not my dreadful task!

Paying someone like a broker, or someone such as myself who considers HIMSELF an advocate of his client will go a long way in achieving what you need to get done without straining effort and time that you will not be able to get back.


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