Its exactly like asking a hot girl out.

Relax! What's the worst that could happen? 

Swallowing your pride? Getting a "no" back?

... do you TRY anyway?

Remember in middle school or high school? 

There was always a girl you were too scared to approach. Ok, maybe not scared, but there was always a reason why you didn't?

Maybe she wasn't like the other girls? The other girls seemed too simple or attainable to you? The intimidating jocks she hung out with? One of her friends also had a crush on you? your credit score? the monthly payment,... 


wait. what? 

(...see where I'm getting at? )

You didn't even try. You ruled it out altogether. 

You didn't even ask that not so hot friend of hers that you thought would tell you whether or not she'd even go for it, which wasn't even the right person to begin with.

We're not talking about Ms. Corolla here. This isn't Honda that lives down the street. We're talking about Mercedes here. We're talking about girls like her and her friends: Audi, Porscha, etc.

What if I told you that I'm that guy friend of hers that has a crush on her too and know everything about her.

What if I could tell you, listen Joe, I can set you guys up, she's into you. 

Some of you have even gone past people like me and Mercedes' friend, walked straight up to her and had one of the jocks scare you away with dirty looks or poked fun at you.

I'm here to help you. 

  1. I'm here to make sure Mercedes goes out with you without having it cost a fortune.
  2. I'm here to make sure Mercedes has the proper health insurance so you don't have to worry about her in case she overheats (from you of course).
  3. I'm here to make sure you can give Mercedes back after 3 years if you don't like her, or show you the proper way to get into something serious with her.

Can you picture it now? You and Mercedes. You and Porscha.

I bet you'd feel more comfortable knowing this isn't my first time setting two people up.

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